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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello Lovelies! SOM (School of Management) Fair is finally over and now its back to normal, classes resumed! Ahhh, this is quite a tiring/lazy week for me since I always sleep late. Tss, my eyebags. ://

Btw, I’ve met Daniel Matsunaga, Markki Stroem, Bryan Termulo and Diana Meneses. If you’re from Philippines, you’ll know who they are. The three guys are so handsome and cute! OMG. I hugged them all except for Markki. Holding hands with Daniel, a hug from Bryan plus a super duper cute wink from him!

OMG. yeah, I know its for me because I sat at the front seats. XDDD OMG. that was a very (I don’t know what’s the proper word to use/INSERT WORD HERE) moment!

As to Diana Meneses, she’s so gorgeous and freaking flawless, she’s like a barbie doll and I’ve got her bracelet! I’ll post about it next week if I have time to make an outfit post. :)

And some photographs may not be related to what I have said above since I don’t have nice shots with them, people are just so hyper that time, including me. Haha. :D


This is Ria’s shoes! (she have a tumblr, follow her now! click here)

and this is Mary’s vibrant yellow doll shoes (Tumblr? click here!)

And this grey doll shoes with a nice bows are mine, as you can see I have a scar, that was because of some stupid cat! Lucky me, I only have some scratches rather than being bite.

Our shoes! :)


Pretty flowers on our school! :)

That’s all! I’ll try to make more personal posts! My blog will serve as a semi-personal blog. :) I hope that’s fine with you guys, I can’t update my personal blog (mcbride-diaries) so I decided to just post it in here!
Thank you! :)

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