Friday, September 28, 2012

So I finally have my very first order from! The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it, especially the texture of cloth. I’m sure you’ll love it too. It’s so comfy to wear, the dress is made out of cotton. :)
Let me show you some pictures I took this afternoon.

The clothes, shoes, and accessories are all labeled with their own brand, romwe.
Before I ordered it, I make sure the size, the length are all favorable with me, they have a guide. :) and it is knee-length to me since I am a bit short. Take a look.

I like its color since I am loving the shade of its color blue. Peter pan collars makes the dress cute and its raffled skirt.

I never regret choosing this dress. I really like it. Its so hard to pick an order when they are offering a lot of beautiful dress, cute blouses and dashing shoes. Romwe have so many things to offer to everyone and they also ship for free worldwide! You can also choose if you want your order delivered as soon as possible.

Visit Romwe now and browse their beautiful products offered! This lovely shop have so many things in their site.

I can’t give the direct link since I can’t see it anymore, I think it was now out of stock. I’m so lucky to get this for a very affordable price.
Get yours now and show at Romwe before your fave dress, tops, or shoes will be out of stock, they have lots of customers.

For my accessories, I used this cute little owl given by my friend Rita and my little sister’s shimmering headband.

Thank you Romwe for this lovely peter-pan collared navy blue dress! :) It was so adorable. Visit Romwe now for more! :)

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