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And 2013 ends today people. Few hours left and another year will start, new year, new life, new me I guess? I started as a trying hard fashion lover until I develop and love it for real. This post is my 2013 outfit posts and looking at these photos makes me realize that I changed a lot, I changed the way I dress, a change of heart, a change in every aspects of my personality. I guess the people around me are one of the reasons too why I suddenly change for the better. I am not saying that I totally changed, it's still me, I'm still a happy person though some negative side of me have slowly disappear. 

2013 is one of the best years that I've ever had. That's it. :)

And 2013 Ends Today!

Casual Monday is window shopping, movie, and eat some pizza happy day. 
End of the story. x)

Casual Monday

My #ootd last Christmas day! 

Last Christmas

Few hours left and it's the most beautiful time of the year! Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you'll have a great, happy and joyful day tomorrow. It will surely be a busy day for everybody. I don't know where to go for tomorrow. I wanna go somewhere else I could find peace and love. 

Most Beautiful Time of the Year

So I don't like using Instagram for now and I don't have time to upload all of these snap shot photos right away so I decided to make a week by week post of all my mobile photos.

Snapshots (Week 2 of December)

Even though Philippines is a tropical country, we still experience cold days especially during Christmas time and give us the chance to wear our sweaters. Someday I want to go to Korea, New York or in Paris to experience snow. I wonder how cold is it for me! I will surely bring lots of coats and drink a lot of hot chocolate to keep my body warm. Yay, soon! ♡

Letters on my shirt

When I was a child, I always watch Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast and a lot more of princess like movies. I've always wanted to wear a beautiful dress just like them. All girls wanted to wear ball gowns on their first prom or in any other occasion. My dream is a pastel inspired party or a wedding in the future, I would love to wear lacey gowns with flowers designs. 

Dream Sweetheart ♡

One of my favorites for 2013 trends on printed shirt is this Geek shirt I really like next to the Celine Paris. I maybe quite late from the time that everybody wears this on their blog but at least I made it just before 2013 ends! My outfit is screaming for Christmas, wohooo, few days left and it's Christmas time. There's no new about me wearing floral printed stuff, when you say floral it's me guys! One of my friends call me 'Floral' because of my obsession to floral prints from top down to my shoes.

What I wore?

Shirt: Sheinside
Floral sweater: Sheinside
Skirt: Sheinside
Shoes: Romwe

Geek on me

Sweet Sunday Morning Delights

Admit or not, most people would love to be updated always, every minute as possible. That's why we love to surf the net, checking out our Facebook and Twitter. Just like in fashion, we love to wear what's on the trend, what's new and what's in. I got my fashion inspirations from the blogs that I follow and sometimes from celebrities that I watched on tv and from the people around me. Our taste in fashion sometimes depends on the celebrities that we really admire. TV celebs are those people who really have a huge impact on us viewers. Sometimes, when I watch movies, tv shows, etc. I have this "Oh, I like her top! She's so cute" blah blah, until we try to be like them by wearing similar or most likely their style.


A Night in Black & White

I got Revlon Lustrous Lipstick and the others are Superlustrous Lipgloss.

Let's go first with Revlon Lustrous Lipstick, infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. A dazzling array of 82 shade in 4 fabulous finishes of Matte, Pearl, Crème and Shine.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lipgloss

" Hello December! You're the last one, so be the best one. "

Sitting Pretty

Maybelline Search for the New BB Top Models

My Rings and Tings

Sweaters? Philippines is really an effing hot country and the weather here is really bipolar. The temperature will rise up to 36 degree Celsius but in the middle of a sunny day or late at night, rain pours. I am loving to wear my sweaters like almost everyday since I have started to work in Makati where I always commute for two to three hours back and forth riding a bus. Yeah yeah, that's life! Haha It's really cold in the bus and in the office sometimes that's why I want to wear sweaters in a style that looks comfortable and simply fashionable at once.


And the outfit posts is back! So I failed to update my blog last week because my weekend is quite busy and that includes my new hairstyle. Yes, I got a curly hair already! Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Philippines and Park Jun's Team Up. I really love the big waves. an advance new thing for me for new year. lol. so advance. Haha. I will make a separate post about my salon experience.

The Color Red

A windy post and a slight food porn. As what I've said, I will be trying to explore more and I'm starting on taking photos outdoors. And I'm really enjoying it. Besides from taking photos, I would love to try a bit of food blogging where I can insert it on some of my outfit posts just like what I did now.

Windy Breezy

And the sun shines again after the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan is the international name) hit the Philippines last Friday and Saturday. I was in the office when PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) declared that the typhoon will be in the Manila Area around 5pm. There's no really a heavy rainfall but the wind is so strong that my mom told me that our roof was almost flew by the typhoon in Laguna. Wooo. I was really scared and some of my office mates are really paranoid about it. I thank God for bringing the sun back again.

Cats & Dogs Between the Stripes

Wearing these high-waisted shorts and boots makes me look tall. That I absolutely love! Haha
Got this ombré shorts few weeks ago from shop a called
I just love how this online shop started, owned by just a simple couple and with the help of each other running a small online business, it became huge until they finally get married. Indeed a perfect success story. :)

Touch of Ombré

Woot woot. Few hours left and it's Monday again. It's school /work/busy time again! Awww. Goodbye short vacation. Ahhhh. I just spent most of my time with my laptop. What I did? Online shopping. Yes, that's what I love while surfing online stores and blogs. I visit awesome fashion blogs to get some inspiration and browse like crazy to all of the online shop that I like! :) Most of my clothes, shoes and accessories are from online stores. I'm not really a fan of walking in a mall and visit all stores. Seriously, it will consume almost a day, walking back and forth thinking "should I buy that one? or this one?". Haha.

Vintage Prints

I went to Noel Bazaar last last week to join the shopping challenge that they offered to me. It was really a fun experience joining such events. This is new to me. Remember my store visit at Alabang Town Center? It's my first time too and I will be attending events more in the future. This gave me more confidence to explore things and meet new people, with the help of a special someone too. :)

Noel Bazaar Shopping Challenge

Hello people of the earth! Happy Halloween guys. Well, I hope my cousins are not around today so I can have the guts to take photos of a halloween-related outfit post but unfortunately, we're busy today. Maybe I can make it for tomorrow? haha lols.

On The Go

Hello people! How are you? Hope you guys are having a good time! Hooray for tomorrow's non-working holiday/nationwide barangay election. Vote wisely okay? Haha!

Sunshine Daisies

I love the colors of this pallette, especially the brown and black colors but I tried applying the blue ones too and created an ombre.

Revlon ColorStay 16 hour EyeShadow Ombre Review

Halloween is nearly coming, what's your costume for that day? If you'll ask me what I want, I would like to play dress up as a fairy, a vampire or just like what Michelle Phan did on her latest video, La Bella Muerte.

Skulls in Prints

I visited Birkenstock Store in their Alabang Town Center branch last week to get my GCs and of course, I brought my camera to take photos of my Birks experience. 

Have you heard about Birkenstock? It's really a popular brand when it comes to footwear that can really last for years. Besides from being durable, Birkenstock sandals are know for its foot health benefits. 

My Birkenstock Store Visit


"Ivory is a soft neutral color that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light brown or beige. Ivory represents quiet, pleasantness with a touch of luster."

Hello there people! Since I am ignoring e-mails and I don't have time to read it all after work, this is quite a very late update about me being featured in Candy Style Guide. OMG, I freaked out when they e-mailed me asking for the hi-res photo that I posted here on my blog. I never expected to be in a magazine and never pop out in my dreams but nevertheless, I am very happy that this blogging is not just a waste of time. 
( I will make a separate post about Candy Style Guide :P )

Just Neutral

"Be yourself. No matter what. Some will adore you & some will hate everything about you, but who cares? It's your life. Make the most out of it."

Be Yourself

My undying love for floral stuff. Saw this dress all over and found it on Fiori Manila! I messaged them right away so I can purchase the black bustier dress but unfortunately they run out of stock so I got mine in blue. It's still pretty, I always go for neutral or safe colors so I don't have to worry too much in matching shoes and stuff, I guess I have to try new colors for my clothes. Haha

Tiny Florals

Because I am so busy to update my playlist, big thanks to my sister who keeps on downloading new trending songs. I just heard the song "Roar" last week and decided to watch the video because I'm curious about the Taal Volcano featured on the MV, which is located in the Philippines (if you don't know) but I did not noticed it, I'm so mesmerized of Katy's pretty face. Haha. Okay, the history of the title of my blogpost.

You’re gonna hear me Roar

Urban Street Style fashion is now in the Philippines with the cool kids of Urban Vogue MNL of instagram! Follow them on @urbanvoguemnl 

Urban Vogue MNL

These black and white fashion finds will leave you looking trés chic every second of the day.
If you're not into tinier stripes, this splice, color-blocked shirt is right up your alley. Pair it with leather shorts or a black skirt. Or tuck it into skinny jeans and work it with black pumps.

The vertical lines of black and white on my long sleeves and on the front gives a figure-flattering illusion. which is favorable to me because I'm getting chubbier than ever.

Black and White Fashion

I can't explain why I love flower crowns. They are wonderfully vintage and whimsical. Gives you a cute girly vibe. Basically, anyone with a flower crown is a beautiful fairy princess.
When I started liking flower crowns, I saw this Instagram account that sells beautifully colorful dainty flower crowns. @anythingwired8

Been using some of the flower crowns from @anythingwired8 on my previous outfit posts. Here's a closer look!

Anything Wired

Here's my new collections of Jewelries! If you've seen my previous outfit post in this link, I'm pretty sure you saw the ring and earrings already. Here's a closer look!

Bellast Jewelries

I apologize for not posting too much these past few weeks. 
I forgot to publish this post during weekdays but since I took a leave for today because I have to attend an event, I find time to make this quick outfit post. Hope you like it!
Though I really miss being active in blogging, I always make time for outfit shots and I truly apologize for all my blog sponsors for the delay. Really really busy and my body is always lowbatt after work.

Like a Boss

Just a quick outfit post for the month of September! OMG. "Ber" months, hectic schedule, busy days, and more more more fun pleaseeee! Haha.

Pretty Messy

Frollic Shoes


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