Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A piece of jewelry could make your look complete and stunning. And if you’re looking for that piece of jewelry, here’s!
So what’s all about Let me tell you a little bit of information about them.
Embrace Jewelry has been in jewelry business for more than 10 years, we have rich experience in exporting jewelry and accessories products from China. Embrace Jewelry will always keep you updating with the newest hottest fashion jewelry and accessories styles. There are more than 10000 different nice designs online for sale now, all with promised best quality and have real stock available which you can buy directly.
So what I’ve got from from the lovely jewelry shop is this fantastic Crystal disco hip hop ball beads Ajustable Bracelet. This cost $ 7.99 only! worth it right? If you a paypal, you can absolutely order them now! :D image
This bracelet is very fashionable, it contains eight crystal glass disco ball hip hop ball beads and two crystal beads. It’s fit for all ladies at various ages. The bracelet is all hand-knitted and you can adjust the length of it according to your wrist.The string is very beautiful and solid, there is no need for you to worry about it falling down from your wrist. It can be worn at different places, in class, offices, at parties…Just wear it whenever and wherever you like.
imageimageWhat I really like about this bracelet is “love” word etched on it. The details is so perfect as the crystal was entrenched in it. As far as I remember, I also saw this kind of bracelet in pink tone, I just chose to have mine in gold.
Item specifics:
Color: Clear Crystal
Metal: crystal glass & alloy beads
Size: 10mm for the beads, charm length about 35m
Design: imageimageimageimageimage
The design is really pretty and two thumbs up for Embrace Jewelry for having this on their shop. Its design is sweet in aura and pretty for all occasions.
Color: imageimageimageimage
A mixture of clear crystals and gold is really pretty. I just hope that the string used  would compliment the color of the crystals, since it is transparent in color, I think a transparent string would make it look better.
Materials Used: imageimageimageimageimage
I think I have nothing to complain about the materials because it looks durable and will not fall immediately.
Yay! image December month is nearly coming. I am so excited for a vacation. XD but of course, exams and defense are also near and I have to prepare.
Please visit now for more jewelry pieces! That’s all and I hope you like it!

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