Dream High

Woo! Finally, I’ve been eyeing this buckle matte pumps for so long and yay, got them for a really low price. Believe me it’s really a good buy! Why? It only cost 11.49 USD.
Lovelywholesale sells lots of fashionable clothing, shoes and bags internationally in a very low price since it is a supplier to who many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide.


I wore this last Monday because of our final defense and I pretty much comfortable despite the very high heels since it has a 2.5cm platform.
 I also wore this on one of my outfit post which you can see here. :)



Rate:  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤ I super love the shoes! 5/5
Check out Lovelywholesale now for more affordable pieces of fashionable stuff! :)

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