Revlon Nail Polish Overload

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello beautiful creatures! Woah, Look what I’ve got? 14 Revlon Nail Polish! It really convinced me to let my nails grow longer and appreciate such pretty nail arts. Thanks to Drama Queen Manila for sending me these, I love them all.

When I first saw these cuties, there’s so many nail art patterns have pop out on my mind and I even searched patterns from Candy magazine and all over the internet!
I’ve got 5 Moon Candy, 4 Neon, and 5 Expressionist Revlon Nail Polish and tried them all. Pretty obvious that I am excited to do some nail arts on my little nails. LOL

5 MoonCandy Revlon Nail Polish. 

Moon Dust // Orbit // Meteor // Universe // Satellite

The photo below is taken via my instagram. Follow me? @itsmariahazel This is the first time I tried Moon Candy and what I tried first is 230 Satellite. They have this flake glitters that looks like it blends in and covered by the reddish shade. I put one coat of reddish shade of nail polish and then put the flake glitters and then used a top coat in order to soften the flakes because its kinda rough putting the flakes. Haha, but it looks good! :)

4 Nail Art Neon Revlon Nail Polish

Hot Flash // Atomic Pink // High Voltage // Ultraviolet

Photo below, taken via my instagram @itsmariahazel

This Aztec pattern is inspired by what I saw on Candy Magazine, though I made my own patterns here. I did some experiments on my nails and it turn out pretty yet messy. Haha. 

5 Expressionist Revlon Nail Polish

Silhouette // Pop Art // Night and Degas // Vincent Van Gold // Monet Monet

I love the color combinations. What I have for my current nails right now is the Silhouette, I love how it look like on my nails. I love nude colors. I don’t know what nail art should I make so I just used the gold color for my nail on my ring finger to make things simple.

Here's a nail art ideas using the Revlon Expressionists! I'll definitely try them.

Again, thank you so much  Drama Queen Manila a. I love them so much.

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Hope you like it!

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