Hello, just got my Lip Print Rivet T-shirt from Sheinside paired with riveted shorts that I also got from them. Yay, they have the designs of clothes that is totally my type. A white top and a denim shorts will always look good but it may look so boring if it's so plain so I think the prints can totally change the look, as well as the design of your shorts. Even simple prints, arts, in your shirt could make your look a something. These past few weeks, I am pretty obsessed with simple white tees but with awesome prints, I think they're just so simple and comfortable but still have style. And my shorts totally rock it.

Elsewhere on Lip Print

I was listening to Parachute - Kiss me slowly while I was thinking of any good title and go with the lyrics "Walk with me" because I was actually enjoying my new shoes with my tiger print dress from TideShe in this post (you can actually see that on the photos below, haha) . If you saw my post about my Enchanted Kingdom trip with my family, then you probably saw this dress already for my night/change outfit look. It's my first time to go out of our house and take these photos outside, haha, good timing my neighbors/relatives is not goofing around their house. Hahaha.

I love the dress from Tideshe, its actually just a shirt but its quite too long for me, haha, so I just wear this as a dress, I think its fine? What do you think? I did not expect the see-through long sleeves, I thought it was just plain black. Though the cloth is not sultry when you're already wearing them, its kinda silky that gives you a cool feeling. :) And look at my shoes! It's my dream shoes, I always see them on Tumblr, so why not have it on my closet and use it on a fun party? It's very comfortable to walk with them despite of its high heels. I only used my favorite spikes headband as my accessory for this post. This outfit makes me look like a frisky kid enjoying my outfit on the photos that you can see below. Enjoy my awkwardness. Haha

Walk with me

Hello guys, so here's my outfit last Sunday. I spent the whole day with a friend. :)
My outfit is very much teenager in style with a pleated skirt and ballet flats. Haha. But I don't really look twenty-years old so I think it's okay. To make things simple and I am not really into too much bling bling, I wore my cat-face printed shirt from Romwe, thought the print could make my outfit a little bit more lively.


This is my first time wearing a printed skirt, I usually wear black skirts to make things safe and simple. But when I was browsing the skirts collections of Romwe, I can't help but at least try new things and experiment if it'll look good on me or not. Black and white stripes are also in these season but let's try this black and white combo rhombus pattern. When I browse items on online shops, I always imagine what would be my next outfit post and browse and browse and make a pair!


Hello, this is actually a very late post, these photos are taken on a gloomy day so yes, my face looks a bit (insert the word) here. I got my outfit from Sheinside.com, one of the online shops that I really loved because their items are always the best, cool and awesome!

 photo quality are not in their best so please bear with me.


Got my new dainty jewelries from ringsandtings again and what can I say? they're always a cuties and really adorable.

Rings and Tings


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