Jeans are everywhere! It is because of the Jeans Festival that talks about how you style yourself wearing jeans. I received an invitation about it but failed to attend because I have to focus on personal matters. Seems like everybody have a jeans outfit post on their blogs, let's try it too! 

Looking Good

Hello people. Look who's getting busier and busier! Haha. But I'm really happy for being busy than to relax for nothing. So many things to do but here's an outfit post for you that is really me, my style, that I usually wear on ordinary days. So whenever I have so many destinations to go, of course, I need a very comfortable outfit like this one, loose t-shirt, shorts and flats! Yeah, flats, I know, my flats is soo cute and adorable! Have you seen my cats flats too? Now, here's a cute dog face flats for you. 
Got this loafers from Choies.

My Comfort Zone

I'm not really sure if this aztec shorts and crochet cardigan will work together but I think it turned out fine. What do you think? For me, the bold colors of the aztec shorts is very contrasting to the feminine and soft color of my cardigan but I always love to experiment new things. I received the aztec shorts from an online shop called Diva Shoppe last week. I saw this shorts on their instagram ( @diva_shoppe ), and I can't help and feel excited when I saw their Aztec Sale because I really love tribal prints right now. Aztec prints is one of the hottest trends that are edgy and fun that can do wonders in livening up an outfit.

Cozy and Happy

It's a Sweater Kinda Day

Remember my first ever skirt outfit post? Woah, After that, I have started looking for great skirts that suits my style and I know you already knew how much I love floral prints especially those sweet vintage style.

Floral Skirt

And the addiction to simple t-shirt and shorts combo continues with new prints. Well, I kinda fell in love with cat-face printed shirts right now though I am not really an animal lover especially to cats. Haha. Got my new cool shirt from OnTheDot Online Shop, I can't get enough with the awesome cat with round glasses. Totally rock it. So I decided to wear my round glasses too. I am not sure if this shirt is still available in their shop, I remember that they have this in grey too. It is one of the online shop that I really like because they always have those items that are really a trending statement in the bloggersphere.

Simple And Casual

"Shoes transform your body, language, and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally."
Back to a corporate attire look! and I can't get over my lovely heels from Mario D'boro! Have you seen my post about it here? This is quite a very simple corporate outfit but the shoes make it look more sophisticated. Wearing heels makes you feel more sexy and pretty if you walk with them with grace, like as if you're walking with flats. It gives you confidence. Shoes can change your outfit instantly so you better have at least one heels in your closet that you could wear whenever you needed. 


Finally, I am back! :) I'm quite distracted by a lot of things that makes me forget about my blogging duties. Aside from being lazy (well, that's not new) I am busy doing a lot of things for myself .
Aaahhh, more simple casual outfits will be posted soon, tired of dresses. I am starting to love wearing shorts because recently, I received new pretty street casual shoes from World Balance Ph! And I am wearing one of them, here's the Lacey shoes. The color is so nice, it is also available in Pink.

Feeling Fresh!

Hi there shoe lovers, let me show you my newest babies from Mario D'boro
Do you know about this shoe brand? Well, it's a popular shoe brand here in the Philippines!
And I love their recent designs of flats so far and also their heels. I always make time to visit the shoe section whenever I go to the mall so I'm quite updated of their latest collections. Haha :)

Mario D'boro

I almost forgot when did I received these goodies but seriously, thank you so much SkinWhite Ph for these. Haha. I've been an avid user of Skin White whitening lotion way back then but my mom changed our lotion from time to time and now I am back to Skin White!

Skin White Advanced

If you're a avid reader of my blog, I'm sure you already saw these two adorable bracelets that I received from You can see the red one in here and the foxy bracelet in this post. My fave is the foxy one. Both of them looks so simple yet classy. Thank you so much Bellast for sending them.

Bellast Bracelets


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