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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello people. Look who's getting busier and busier! Haha. But I'm really happy for being busy than to relax for nothing. So many things to do but here's an outfit post for you that is really me, my style, that I usually wear on ordinary days. So whenever I have so many destinations to go, of course, I need a very comfortable outfit like this one, loose t-shirt, shorts and flats! Yeah, flats, I know, my flats is soo cute and adorable! Have you seen my cats flats too? Now, here's a cute dog face flats for you. 
Got this loafers from Choies.

I love wearing loose shirts because I don't have to worry about the curves or anything but I always wear a tube underneath. By the way, this is my first ever post wearing nerdy glasses. I borrowed this glasses from my sister because seriously, I haven't tried to wear this during my highschool or college days even if everyone is wearing this just for a fashion accessory. I don't think it looks good to me and it's so funny that some people wear this kind of glasses just for props, porma porma lang pero cute naman e. haha And now I am wearing this just for a props that makes me look like a nerd with a cute outfit that and now I want to go back to school, just go back to school but not to study. lol

You better check out Choies website for more items. Seriously freaked out when i saw that this cutie patootie flats are available on their site!

Loving my shorts and again, I think you always see my DW Watch in my outfit posts, it is because it's really my fave and look at my pulseras (bracelets) from Pulseras by Kim.

What I wore?

Top: Romwe
Shorts: Romwe
Bracelets: Pulseras by Kim
Shoes (special thanks to): Choies

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