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So yesterday, I am planning to take outfit shots outside but unfortunately, the typhoon is not yet done flooding our area. I am so desperate to go to work because I really have to finish all my tasks besides my workmates are on leave so I am the one assigned on their respective jobs. But when I was on my way to work, I was on the bus already when my workmate called me that the bosses announced that there will be no work for that day, plus I am already on the express way, what the hell should I do? Luckily, the bus driver also decided not to go because of the flood on the Magallanes and Buendia area and we went back. Seriously, it's almost one week that the rain doesn't stop pouring. Just a quick update of my life. lol

B & W Stripes

Hello people! Finally get a chance to post this Revlon products review. This is quite a late post but let me give you a quick review about these products.

Revlon Products

Just a quick outfit post before this rainy week ends! Oh my gosh, time flies so fast that I didn't feel that I am already working for two weeks! Yay for the first two weeks. It's been a very productive days for me as I'm learning new knowledge especially on my work, wooh, lots of computations! :/ Well, part of the job. Haha

Lazy Outfit

Hello everyone, I've been very busy lately. Have you seen this luxurious black box with gold ribbons on my instagram? If yes, then you probably knew what's inside the box! Every girl desired to have at least one designer bag. And here it is!

Reebonz - Unveil the Surprise

Hello everyone, one of the shops that I love when it comes to accessories is Rings And Tings, you can see me wearing them on some of my outfit posts.

My Rings and Tings

Hi there people. So if you're reading my shared experiences on my previous posts, maybe you knew that I already have a job. Like a real one. I'm a working girl already! lol I'm so proud of myself that I am now working on an office, I have my own table, my office computer, and everything that is new about having this job is really an amazing experience.

My First Day Outfit

Hello people! :) Been very busy these past few days because I started working already in Makati which is quite far from my place. And guess what? I just proved that women can change their minds very fast! Why? Because last Thursday, when I finally cleared my medicals, I hurriedly packed my things and went to my friend's boarding house. But I just stayed there for only one night. Haha. Silly me, why? because when I computed all my expenses if I'll stay on a boarding house or I travel everyday just to go to work, I realized that my expenses is bigger if I stayed on a boarding house so I decided to move out the day after that night, so it's like I just stayed there for only one night to sleep. Lol.

Yellow Sparkles


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