Reebonz - Unveil the Surprise

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello everyone, I've been very busy lately. Have you seen this luxurious black box with gold ribbons on my instagram? If yes, then you probably knew what's inside the box! Every girl desired to have at least one designer bag. And here it is!

I really love surfing the net, especially online shops, and one of the best sites that I have discovered is Reebonz. My jaw literally dropped when I signed up on their site to have an access to view their products and oh my gosh, it's fashion heaven. Reebonz a luxury shopping online website! I instantly fell in love with their products, I love it all. You can sign up as member for free and receive orders 5-7 days,

So I was in the mall when the delivery man called telling me that I have a package all the way from Singapore and I literally get excited that my voice is too loud already, lol, and the people keep staring at me, because I am one crazy banana obviously excited for something. 

So I hurried went back home! and saw this beautiful black box with gold ribbons. And I said, "WOW, the best packaging that I have ever received." and you can really tell that it's not just something, it's a huge beautiful surprise from Reebonz

I carefullly opened it up, let's go find what's inside it! I took some pictures while unveiling the sweet surprise.

I was about to order a Chloe, or a Michael Kors but oh my god, this site is literally a fast selling online shop that I have ever discovered. Reebonz offers discounted rates which is quite a good thing for authentic designer bags so don't be surprise if you can't find the item anymore the day after browse to their shop. I should have ordered that bag right away! So if ever you planned to purchase on their shop, don't hesitate to order them right away because others may grab it before you do.

But I instantly fell in love to my Love Moschino bag and purse. I took photos exclusively for the bags only and you will see me using it on my upcoming outfit posts.

CLASSY, is the right term for this shoulder bag and purse. I am in love with the shades of cream and beige colors.

Visit Reebonz for designer bags today. Sign up for free to have an access because only site members can browse to their shop. Such a great deal for designer items, did I mention that they have shoes too? Like Tory Burch, Yves Saintlaurent and many more! It's worth it. 


  1. wow, beautiful! and I love the packaging as well ;)

  2. Such pretty little things! Where is the phone case from? I've been searching on the Reebonz website but can't seem to find it

    1. hi there! the iphone case is just for free, i didn't order it. :)

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