Like a Boss

Friday, September 6, 2013

I apologize for not posting too much these past few weeks. 
I forgot to publish this post during weekdays but since I took a leave for today because I have to attend an event, I find time to make this quick outfit post. Hope you like it!
Though I really miss being active in blogging, I always make time for outfit shots and I truly apologize for all my blog sponsors for the delay. Really really busy and my body is always lowbatt after work.

Anyways, what I wore is a top from Persunmall. Just trying out different kind of print other than florals. I got my first top in florals so why not try star sky prints? lol. And I'm using my Love Moschino purse that I got from Reebonz, a luxury online shop that sells designer bags.

I decided to clip my hair up since my top wrapped me literally. haha. It's not sultry since it's a chiffon top but it look sultry right? And say hello to my killer heels. lol

Loving my ring and earrings from

What do you think of my outfit? Feel free to comment! :)

What I wore:

Top: Persunmall
Love Moschino Purse: Reebonz
Pants: Jag 
Shoes: MartofChina


  1. Love the gold pumps and clutch. Great look!


  2. Loved the outfit and the trendy accessories you are sporting. They look super kewl with the overall outfit. The pumps are awesome.

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