The Color Red

Monday, November 25, 2013

And the outfit posts is back! So I failed to update my blog last week because my weekend is quite busy and that includes my new hairstyle. Yes, I got a curly hair already! Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Philippines and Park Jun's Team Up. I really love the big waves. an advance new thing for me for new year. lol. so advance. Haha. I will make a separate post about my salon experience.

So after a tragic experience of typhoon Yolanda, Philippines is getting back on track again despite all the struggles and thousands of lives that we have lost, we still don't forget that God is still there for us no matter what. Sometimes, I just thought of "what the hell happen in our country?" but we don't have to lose hope and always look on the brighter side. Many countries offered help, navies and troops, medical missions, a million dollar money donation for the new Tacloban City ( well, I hope that the government will honestly take charge on this to help and no political intentions for distributing goods ). This proves that we're all one despite our color, culture and etc.

Color red has numerous meanings. For me, it symbolizes energy, passion, happiness, and action. Color red is very bright that can really attracts people. It gives you confidence to stand out. Wearing this dress makes me feel more that Christmas is nearly coming. The flower details is very trendy today especially sunflower and daisies that's why I chose this one instead the lacey type of pattern that I also saw at Sheinside
What do you think? Peace and love everyone! :)

What I wore?

Bag: Tomato
Shoes: Cardams

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