Windy Breezy

Friday, November 15, 2013

A windy post and a slight food porn. As what I've said, I will be trying to explore more and I'm starting on taking photos outdoors. And I'm really enjoying it. Besides from taking photos, I would love to try a bit of food blogging where I can insert it on some of my outfit posts just like what I did now.

I love to eat. Seriously, I am not really a food person, it started when I was in college when I started eating a lot, it's a "I don't care if that's expensive as long as it tastes good, I'll buy it". I said that when I was in college because I am still dependent to my parents and I have to budget my allowance. Haha. I am sure students can relate to this unless you don't have to budget your big allowance. :)

Loving my top in here, tribal prints are really nice, it brings out color to your outfit. More lively and fun. It's a crop top that's why I used a high-waist skirt, luckily, I bought a skirt from the Noel Bazaar that compliments that color of my top.

I'm really a "go with the flow" person so I am not that picky on where to eat as long as that food is good. I am not a food critique, I can't really tell which is the best of the best when it comes to food. If it tastes good, I'll eat it, if not, sorry. End of the story. Haha. Simple as that. 
So we went to Gerry's grill, we ordered Sisig and Fried Chicken with fries and the Halo-Halo. Of course the chickens and fries are mine. I really love fries, who doesn't? They all tastes good.

What I wore?

 Corset crop top: Choies
Skirt: from Noel Bazaar
Watch: Veloci
Sunnies: Fly Shades
Sandals: Parisian


  1. Its so nice :) :) btw, who took this photo?

    1. Thank you so much! :) Food is me. Outfit shots is my boyfriend.

  2. cute outfit, love your top! ^^ , btw do you mind checking mine? :)


  3. I love these photos. Can you post photos in the future of your hair blowing around in your face on windy days?