And 2013 Ends Today!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

photo by me

And 2013 ends today people. Few hours left and another year will start, new year, new life, new me I guess? I started as a trying hard fashion lover until I develop and love it for real. This post is my 2013 outfit posts and looking at these photos makes me realize that I changed a lot, I changed the way I dress, a change of heart, a change in every aspects of my personality. I guess the people around me are one of the reasons too why I suddenly change for the better. I am not saying that I totally changed, it's still me, I'm still a happy person though some negative side of me have slowly disappear. 

2013 is one of the best years that I've ever had. That's it. :)

2014, please be good to me! :)


  1. Love seeing your pictures! Happy new year dear :)
    x J. from

  2. you have such cute outfits! great post and blog! hope you have a fantastic year ahead of you!