Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Admit or not, most people would love to be updated always, every minute as possible. That's why we love to surf the net, checking out our Facebook and Twitter. Just like in fashion, we love to wear what's on the trend, what's new and what's in. I got my fashion inspirations from the blogs that I follow and sometimes from celebrities that I watched on tv and from the people around me. Our taste in fashion sometimes depends on the celebrities that we really admire. TV celebs are those people who really have a huge impact on us viewers. Sometimes, when I watch movies, tv shows, etc. I have this "Oh, I like her top! She's so cute" blah blah, until we try to be like them by wearing similar or most likely their style.

This hanging top that I wore for this outfit post is like everywhere. I can see this a lot on ordinary people and even on celebs. Pairing it with my pretty creamy blazer from Sheinside makes it a lot comfortable to wear.

What I wore?

Blazer: (Sheinside); Hanging Top: (from Noel Bazaar); 
Floral Pants; (Romwe); Necklace: (Rings & Tings); Shoes: (Mario D Boro)

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