I'm trying to catch up on blogging and at least insert "blogging" on my very busy schedule. I seriously need a planner for 2015! Woah, time flies so fast. Hope you did something great for yourself this year, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Chill out guyssss, I'm sure it's not that bad to spend a little from your hard work salaries. 

Let's Live It Up

Warning: I will surely posting tons of photos on this blog entry 
because I seriously love the whole look of this outfit!

My Kind of Fall Winter Edition

I'm kind of stress right now from work and all personal-related stuff. So I guess this is the perfect timing to reminisce my first ever vacation travel island hopping in the beautiful place of El Nido. This is the perfect place if you're looking for a white sand beach and silent escapade. It is known as the last frontier of the Philippines and acknowledge as one the top beach bums in the world by CNN. This place is really sooooo beautiful, the sea water is so clear, the white sand is sooo fine, the landscape is truly breathtaking and pure. The people who live there preserved the beauty of nature so well, they made the place better in a very nice way.

Island Hopping - El Nido, Palawan Tour Day 1

Hey, I just revamped my blog! Changed the theme, icons and re-arrange links, etc. Hoping you like it though I am not yet done tweaking it more! It's the first time I managed to edit the html codes for blogspot, because if you've been following me for quite some time, you knew that I was a mad theme tweaker back then on Tumblr (well, I absolutely enjoy making designs out of html back then). What do you think of my new blog layout? I really love it! Especially the icons used for the header and sidebars are made with love by yours truly (now that's so ewww! haha! ). So how about getting back on active posting of outfits and reviews? I'm not sure if I can, but my inner passion for playing dress up is on a high these past few days. I have my notebook on the side of my bed so I could take down notes and ideas for my blog. I miss bbb-logg-ingg! ( insert hysterical screaming emoticon here. lol. ).

Look Back

Finally got a low back top after drooling for months looking on Instagram shops.

Sexy Back

Just before I posted this outfit here on my blog, I already shared it via my instagram. What a lazy blogger. Just before I flew away to Palawan last month, I already have these pictures on my laptop, ready to upload, post and all. Having a phone with internet ready all the time is the major cause of my lazy blogging. 

Sunflower Madness + Red Ombre Hair

Woo, it's been more than a month since the last time I updated this blog. Finally posting my travel photos from El Nido, Palawan. Wow, I never thought travelling is sooo much fun! It's my first time to travel. Amazing views makes me silently wish that I could extend my vacation. This would definitely not be my first and last travel post because I'll travel again next year! If only travelling is free, you won't see me again. Lol. Yay, I am very excited now. 

So moving on, I am going to share with you guys my experience travelling to El Nido, Palawan. On this post, I will only be sharing few photos and my tips for those who are planning to visit the said paradise :) 

The Travelling Boots - El Nido, Palawan Tips and Review

Just a few more days and I'm flying somewhere specifically in paradise. I cannot hide my excitement anymore. I've been mentioning from my old posts that I seriously need a vacation escapade from the stressful work, personal problems, etc and my sweet relaxation will be happening next week! 

The Pink Boots Travels: Soon

I never thought that I will keep such a chunky looking shoes on my closet.

Creepers Keeper

This is my first time posting an entry with my sister! She's my photographer since day 1 of my blogging adventure, so I think I would feel awkward and shy if I will be shooting with strangers because you know, you can't demand like "I don't like this angle, take a picture again!", "No! not this one, I told you blah blah". Haha I don't know if I'm the only one like that? You see, we don't have any knowledge in photography, I just bought my dslr for clearer photos but we don't really know the techniques, we just have to browse on famous fashion blogs and try it ourselves. I guess we're improving huh? I started on Tumblr where I first saw a blog filled with pastel photos, and that's the start of the whole blogging thing. Moving on, I tried convincing my sister to start a blog too but she's too lazy to maintain a blog, and she's too busy with her wattpad. Duh? Teenagers are so addicted into it, they don't even read their academic books nowadays, am I right sistah? Haha.

Special thanks to banggood.com for our dress! :)


Hi everyone! I was about to post something inspired by the newly released September issue of Mega magazine.

Vintage Fail

Before the "ber" month starts, let me post these clean sheets of photos on my blog that my sister took last last week, not sure but I posted some of these on my Instagram and featured on @pilipinasootd. I am so "kilig" when I saw the Philippine's version of Lookbook IG account reposted my photo. Hihi. Well, I always feel that amazing feeling whenever my photos got featured on sites or magazines. :) That motivates me to put extra effort on blogging even just for a while. 

Clean & Chic


Hi everyone! Finally writing something on my blog again since when? oh! my little poor blog seems neglected for ages. I've been such a lazy person these past few days, weeks, months? I don't want it to last for a year. Haha! So how's everyone in here? I'm happy that you still visit my blog though I'm MIA. Quite very active on Instagram tho. Sigh. But here's a new thing! Have you tried Polyvore? Yes, I know that site for quite some time but I never tried it, so I did a little experimenting and I find Polyvore easy and convenient to use, and your creativity for styling will definitely shake your mind to satisfy yourself. It's great for product reviews and compiling especially if you don't know how to use Photoshop just like me. For fashion enthusiast, build up your styling expertise making your sets during your free time. I grab the chance to make three sets featuring items from lovelyshoes.net Enjoy the sets I personally made! You may follow me too, @heycell on Polyvore. :) Thank you! Please keep in touch me too on my IG @itsmariahazel 

Boho Chic

Hope you like these sets! :) Until my next Polyvore sets, I might post different mood boards, inspo and etc. Have a nice day ahead lovelies. Do not forget to check all the links I provided if you want to see the items on lovelyshoes.net shop!

Love always, Maria Hazel

LovelyShoes X Polyvore

Oh hello there, it's been a while since the last time I posted on my blog. Such a busy and tiring month end for me last July and quite continuing to stress me out until today. I just hope to have more time on blogging, answering e-mails, but I'm quite active on Instagram. I just realized that it was more easy to view all your favorite people in the world through Instagram using only my phone. Well, I can still visit their blogs too through phone but Instagram is much more updated. But viewing their photos through my laptop is way prettier because I can see them in wide size, high-res and in different angles. 

My Version of White

Would you believe that after this kinda-summer-like-sunny-weather Sunday morning when me and my sister decided to make a quick outfit shots, a typhoon

Before That Rain

I am not one of the girls that are blessed with bright, fair and flawless skin that's why I have to maintain taking care of it especially to my face by taking lots of beauty products. I've discovered that papaya soap are really effective when it comes to whitening your skin tone after I tried using it when I was in second year college.

Recent Beauty Skin Care

Going back to indoor shots because I don't have time to do some streetstyle photos. Seriously, work have been constantly eating all my time, I only have one rest day per week so  bear with me guys if I can only share my outfit through indoor shots. But I'm kinda missing my photos with this cloudy and calm vibe edits. 

I just noticed that my hair grew so fast, I think it's been half a year since I got a perm and look at that, my hair is still wavy with soft curls at the end. Re-colored my hair too, I think, two months ago? And black hair started to pop again, 3 inches longer after two months! It's so hard to maintain! The hair stylist advised me that I can't go on a rebond? or I shouldn't color my hair after getting a perm because that would damaged my chemically treated hair (now that's so geeky, lol ). Now my hair is sooo dry and I'm kinda bored with my hair color too, my hair color right now is ash brown. Any suggestions? :)

Anyways, my dress is so lovely and very nature loving. I so love the prints. Very elegant and stylish. Perfect for semi-formal occasions, job interviews, and such events. You don't need any blings anymore to style this outfit, just wear an elegant watch, cute bag and preppy sandals and you're done! 

What I wore?

Dress: c/o 6ks.com
Bag: Chicwish / Shoes: Lovelywholesale / Watch: Casio

Nature Loving

Quickly posting this late outfit post that I wore last Coachella. ( oh wow! lol. daydreaming. just joking! :P)

Sunflower Child

Randomly writing what's on my mind this lazy Sunday morning.. My plans are still plans, I need progress to achieve what I want. There's a lot of hindrances that I can't walk through since I have to put 'em on my first things first. I know God have plans for me but I have this thought on my mind that God will only guide us to the right path but we should always find ways, strive hard and stand by our own feet to achieve what we want. The clock will never stop running and I shouldn't stop too.. 

Garden Flowers

Starting this blog post with a very tumblr-ish photo taken by my sister.

June Daisies

In partnership of Regatta with Salad Box this month of May, take a look what's inside it! Obviously, it's all about necessities for your body and protection buddies from the heat of the sun. This isn't my first salad box, I have received one, when Salad Box is just starting to grow in the market.

Unboxing my Salad Box X Regatta May 2014

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I love the way she sings, the songs that she composed, her curls, her straight hair, her red lips, her pale lips, and how she dress up! I absolutely love everything about her! I'm obsessed with all her songs (even though sometimes, I can't relate with it haha ), I love the tunes, the genre, the lyrics and what else? hmmm. She's perfect! Now that she will be having a concert here in Manila on June 6, I'm so frustrated that I can't attend her concert because of two epic reasons! I'm not aware that it will be this June until I saw it on a commercial last April, and I don't have enough money lol! only if I have more time to save. sigh! Well, I'm sure that it won't be her last co

What to Wear to a Taylor Swift's Concert 2014

A quick outfit post from the Regatta x Saladbox Styling contest that I attended
 last Saturday at SM Mega Mall. Trend-spotting alert from head to toe. 
Wearing my superb sunglasses and scene-stealer flats saves the day! 
What do you think? ;)


I truly love music since I'm still a kiddo. I love singing, I'm one of the Annebisyosa clan in the Philippines who loves to sing even though we don't have the quality of voice that would please everybody. lol So before I share what kind of music do I listen recently, I want to introduce to you guys my new baby, 
headphones from Urban Ears.

Certified Music Lover with Urban Ears

Hey guys! If you've been following me on Instagram @itsmariahazel, you probably saw my post about me going to SM Mega Mall to join the styling contest with Regatta in collaboration with Salad Box. At first, I'm not sure if I could come because I have work every Saturday, but with the encouraging words from my friends, I decided to join in. This is my first time ever, to finally join contests like this because I'm not really into such events, meet new people especially to my fellow bloggers that I'm just following and just saw them through their blogs. So it's a new thing for me, such an amazing experience. What makes me want to go to this event is because it's Regatta

Styling Event with Regatta x SaladBox

Regatta has opened its newest store at SM Megamall last April 29th.

Regatta is an iconic Filipino clothing brand known for its classic, casual and outdoor style.

The brand has grown to 29 stores nationwide and 2 concessions in key cities. It has developed its brand character as a casual leisure wear that portrays the atmosphere from sea & coast to town & country- thus elements such as rowing oars, life savers, wood planks, boat modules and a fireplace with a deer head, ornate the entire store.

Visit Regatta's newest branch at 3rd Level, Bldg A of SM Megamall to shop for outfits perfect this summer!

Sail Away with Regatta

Hello Philippines! Hello World. And hello May, time flies so fast! It's the month of colorful and cheerful feast on every streets in the Philippines especially Flores de Mayo. This is the last month for you guys to fully enjoy the heat of the sun because June is the start of rainy month. And students will come back to school ( I'm so sorry guys, lol ) So this is a very backlog post! Seriously?! This is what I wore last week to our Manila Ocean Park tour. It was my first time to get there and it's so fun to lurk around seeing underwater creatures! I've seen different kinds of fishes, jellyfish, sea lions, birds and more! My favorite experience is when we went to a Antarctic inspired room with fake snow and wooh, I just can't take how cold it was. The thick jacket was not enough to warm my body. Well at t least, I've experienced how cold the temperature it would be in snowy countries which I really want to try. Soon :)

Into the Ocean

" Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. "

Cross My Heart

Baby, it's Friday! I'm looking forward for Sunday cheat day! I could eat whatever I want on that day! I'm practicing no rice meals for almost three weeks and I could see teeny weeny progress though. I believe losing 1.5 kilograms is quite a big thing in just three weeks by just dieting! But I hope I could finally get motivation to start exercising everyday. I really want to lost all these fats that I've gained for the past 8 months since I started working. Food have been my stress reliever since college but I totally lost all the control when I started working, I felt so starved after hours of analyzing and computing on my table.

So I started on vegetables and fruits only for the first week. Nothing else but fruits and veggies. I know its hard, but you have to control yourself if you really want to achieve your goal! My goal is to lose weight, I want to get back on 39 kilograms. By now, I'm eating light meals, and still no for rice. I sometimes cheat but still on control. Next goal, get some inspiration and motivation to exercise. 

" She believed she could, so she did. "

5 Seconds of Summer

Hola! It's been a month since the last time I posted in here. Finally, I got my camera and its now on its full force to take outfit shots! It's as good as brand new again. There are so many parts especially on the lenses that they changed so I don't have to be in trouble again with focusing subjects. Oh, I miss writing a blog posts. I miss writing on my blog even though I'm not sure if they're people reading this. Haha. If you ever happen visited my blog with the past couple of weeks that I'm gone, well thank you. :) 

Let's Bling It On!


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