Beautiful 2014

Hello 2014! Hello new year, another chance to live and make fantastic things that you love. 
This will be my first post for the year of twenty fourteen. I want to start the year wonderful especially on my blog. Reading fashion and lifestyle blogs made me a lot more creative and boost up my confidence to do such things that only pop on my imaginations. Besides blogging is something that I really want to do for this year. More outfit posts, and hopefully more adventure trips to blog. I have so many plans for this year so I really have to work hard to experience those teeny weeny things, so you better watch out. lol.

This afternoon is quite boring because I don't feel like going somewhere to shoot an outfit post. 
There's this closet that is currently under construction so I could hang up and properly arrange my clothes and shoes ( and I am sooo excited, inspired by bloggers of course er mer gerd ).
So I was looking for something when I saw this stockings and then tadaaaa, I hurriedly pulled off this dress that I didn't properly post last year since I don't have my dslr that time and thought of this mini photoshoot! Good thing that my grannie got this lacey curtains that I put on a bed and hurriedly get on my make-up skills. Hahaha. Enjoy this dreamy inspired look that is proudly shot by my little sister, Kryselle. :)

What I wore?
Dress: ( MsDressy ) Bow Ring: ( Romwe )

Shots by Maria Kryselle


  1. Lovely pictures! You look so pretty!

    x Angela



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