Pastel Blues and Pinks for your Closet

And sooo I am back. Finally after a very hectic week at work, tadaaaaa! This post has been sleeping on my drafts for a week or two, I can't hardly remember the last time I post on my blog. So many things happen on my life lately, I don't even know what should I share first. Emergerd, even while writing this post, I am still on the rush. Well, my office has been transferred already somewhere quite near from my house so I don't have to wake up and rush over the busy roads of Makati. Less stress, I hope so. I will be updating my blog this week and post lots of outfits before March begins. Woo, time flies so fast. :)

When I'm Gone

Looking chic and absolutely different from my dainty style, here I go experimenting my look to get the trend of tomboy, sporty, classy street style. I got my inspirations from world's top fashion blogs that influenced lots of girls out there on how they look and dress up and that includes me. I love trying out new outfit ideas, I always make time to pull out clothes out of my closet, trying to mix and match every time there's a blogger mail. So as soon as I received my new World Balance shoes, I looked for my new clothes that I haven't wear yet since I received them and got this outfit idea. To make this outfit a lil brighter and alive, I used my new cutie bag that I've been looking for so long and fortunately I saw this while roaming around the mall in a very cheap price. I got it in white and yellow since there's no black and white combo anymore.

Trendy & Sporty

Three days left and it's already Valentine's Day. Are you on for a date or you just want to date yourself? Well, heart's day doesn't literally mean that you're required to have a date sweethearts ( a statement for single girls out there, haha ). Valentine's day is a holiday that celebrates love by exchanging gifts and cards. When I was little, I used to received lots of cards with the same warm greetings "Happy Valentine's Day" with cute design of cupids and hearts cut out from red papers which I tried so many times to create one for myself and until now I still don't get it. lol. Just sharing it to you guys. 

Getting Ready for Heart's Day

photos by me

Too lazy to make a review of these nail polish. Don't have time to do my nails. 
Will surely make at least one week vacation soon this year. Your comments about this Revlon Brilliant Strength nail polish are very much welcome. :) Have an amazing week people!

Revlon Brilliant Strength

Happy Birthday to me! 
Yes yes, February is my birth month. Emergerd, I'm already twenty-one years old though you can't really tell that I'm that old because I'm small, I have a baby face ( lol, forgive me guys ) and I'm childish but not immature. 

Rosy & Sunny

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Been very busy these past few weeks so I'm not able to post anything on my blog. I hope you're following me on instagram though, I am trying my best to update it and post quality photos! ;) Just in case you wanna follow me, @itsmariahazel is mah username. Haha

Chinese Apparel


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