Getting Ready for Heart's Day

Monday, February 10, 2014

Three days left and it's already Valentine's Day. Are you on for a date or you just want to date yourself? Well, heart's day doesn't literally mean that you're required to have a date sweethearts ( a statement for single girls out there, haha ). Valentine's day is a holiday that celebrates love by exchanging gifts and cards. When I was little, I used to received lots of cards with the same warm greetings "Happy Valentine's Day" with cute design of cupids and hearts cut out from red papers which I tried so many times to create one for myself and until now I still don't get it. lol. Just sharing it to you guys. 

Since it's on Friday, and I have work on Saturday, I'm looking forward for Sunday. What makes me excited for weekend is to watch "Starting over Again" by Toni G. and Piolo Pascual. After watching the trailer, I can't wait to see them on big screen! Are you excited like me too? ( I'm soooo excited!! haha )

Anyways, here's an outfit idea if you guys wanna have fun on Heart's Day with your guy or with your cool pretty friends! I'm wearing a coral peplum top, I am sure many girls will wear red, like it's very traditional  color to wear on that day, let's minimize it and wear the lighter shade of it. I guess I'm just not into bold bright colors and always wanna balance the colors of my outfit that's why I chose coral over red and black outfit. Do not use too much make ups, the basics will do, keep it simple but still pretty. I'm only using eyeliners, dark brown eyeshadows and eyebrows, red lipstick and light pink blush on my face. Do not put too much make-up on your eyes if you're gonna use use red lipstick, clean brows will do. In my case, I put thin eyeliners and minimum mascara because I don't have long lashes.

Hope you like it ladies! Hugs & Kisses! xo

( Yes, I'm getting fat, so whuuttt? haha )

What I wore?

Top: ( courtesy of OMG Fashion )
Skirt: ( Forever21 )Bag: ( Mart of China )
Shoes: ( Cardams ) / Bracelet: ( Romwe )

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