When I'm Gone

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And sooo I am back. Finally after a very hectic week at work, tadaaaaa! This post has been sleeping on my drafts for a week or two, I can't hardly remember the last time I post on my blog. So many things happen on my life lately, I don't even know what should I share first. Emergerd, even while writing this post, I am still on the rush. Well, my office has been transferred already somewhere quite near from my house so I don't have to wake up and rush over the busy roads of Makati. Less stress, I hope so. I will be updating my blog this week and post lots of outfits before March begins. Woo, time flies so fast. :)

Speaking of March, the month before the official summer days begins! Are you ready for the beach? Me? I'm not. I hope I can slim down my body that fast. I'm getting bigger than ever! Can someone teach me how to have a proper diet and make it successful? I have so many inspirations of having a nice figure and getting at least my figure back in shape but I'm lacking in motivation. Help me! 

Since I am trying to avoid myself look bigger, I am practicing to wear loose shirts. Wearing them doesn't make me feel figure-conscious and it's really comfortable. All you have to do is to think how will you style them with your shorts or skirts or probably skort to make your outfit adorable. :)

What I wore?

Knit top: ( 6ks.com ) / Skort: ( OMG Fashion )
Bracelet: ( Romwe ) / Ring: ( Forever21) / Shoes: ( Lovelywholesale )

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