" Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. "

Cross My Heart

Baby, it's Friday! I'm looking forward for Sunday cheat day! I could eat whatever I want on that day! I'm practicing no rice meals for almost three weeks and I could see teeny weeny progress though. I believe losing 1.5 kilograms is quite a big thing in just three weeks by just dieting! But I hope I could finally get motivation to start exercising everyday. I really want to lost all these fats that I've gained for the past 8 months since I started working. Food have been my stress reliever since college but I totally lost all the control when I started working, I felt so starved after hours of analyzing and computing on my table.

So I started on vegetables and fruits only for the first week. Nothing else but fruits and veggies. I know its hard, but you have to control yourself if you really want to achieve your goal! My goal is to lose weight, I want to get back on 39 kilograms. By now, I'm eating light meals, and still no for rice. I sometimes cheat but still on control. Next goal, get some inspiration and motivation to exercise. 

" She believed she could, so she did. "

5 Seconds of Summer

Hola! It's been a month since the last time I posted in here. Finally, I got my camera and its now on its full force to take outfit shots! It's as good as brand new again. There are so many parts especially on the lenses that they changed so I don't have to be in trouble again with focusing subjects. Oh, I miss writing a blog posts. I miss writing on my blog even though I'm not sure if they're people reading this. Haha. If you ever happen visited my blog with the past couple of weeks that I'm gone, well thank you. :) 

Let's Bling It On!


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