5 Seconds of Summer

Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby, it's Friday! I'm looking forward for Sunday cheat day! I could eat whatever I want on that day! I'm practicing no rice meals for almost three weeks and I could see teeny weeny progress though. I believe losing 1.5 kilograms is quite a big thing in just three weeks by just dieting! But I hope I could finally get motivation to start exercising everyday. I really want to lost all these fats that I've gained for the past 8 months since I started working. Food have been my stress reliever since college but I totally lost all the control when I started working, I felt so starved after hours of analyzing and computing on my table.

So I started on vegetables and fruits only for the first week. Nothing else but fruits and veggies. I know its hard, but you have to control yourself if you really want to achieve your goal! My goal is to lose weight, I want to get back on 39 kilograms. By now, I'm eating light meals, and still no for rice. I sometimes cheat but still on control. Next goal, get some inspiration and motivation to exercise. 

" She believed she could, so she did. "

Anyways, here's an outfit idea for your summer vacation just in case you're going somewhere for the upcoming holy week non-working holidays! I don't have any island hoping plans for this summer but let's see.. I will be having a vacation soon, but not for now. First things first. Have a blast! Ciao.

Til my next outfit post! :)


  1. So love the hair ate hazel �� so gorgeous ��

    Xoxo -Kris, itskrisnicole.blogspot.com

  2. i love your sandals...how tal are you?