Let's Bling It On!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hola! It's been a month since the last time I posted in here. Finally, I got my camera and its now on its full force to take outfit shots! It's as good as brand new again. There are so many parts especially on the lenses that they changed so I don't have to be in trouble again with focusing subjects. Oh, I miss writing a blog posts. I miss writing on my blog even though I'm not sure if they're people reading this. Haha. If you ever happen visited my blog with the past couple of weeks that I'm gone, well thank you. :) 

This serve as my come back blog post. Blings and some of my shopping hauls. I ain't good handling my money these days. Been addicted to shopping stuff that I used to be contented with window shopping only but now uh-oh, I should control myself because shopping is not my cardio  and my wallet will cry, a lot.
Some blings are new on my blogger mail from rings & tings, the anchor charm on my bracelet is perfection and my current fave. 

The first three accessories is from Rings & Tings, then my fave rose pendant necklace and I bought that Casio watch and heart shaped sunglasses from American Eagle Outfitters. I've been searching everywhere for the watch with gold-plated on the front too, lucky me it was restock at Time Depot last month. And I just stumbled upon my lovely sunglasses which is the last piece at American Eagle store. Not thinking twice, bought it too, just perfect for summer. 

Til my next post! :) Stay tuned for awesome outfit pairings and mix matching posts.

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