In partnership of Regatta with Salad Box this month of May, take a look what's inside it! Obviously, it's all about necessities for your body and protection buddies from the heat of the sun. This isn't my first salad box, I have received one, when Salad Box is just starting to grow in the market.

Unboxing my Salad Box X Regatta May 2014

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I love the way she sings, the songs that she composed, her curls, her straight hair, her red lips, her pale lips, and how she dress up! I absolutely love everything about her! I'm obsessed with all her songs (even though sometimes, I can't relate with it haha ), I love the tunes, the genre, the lyrics and what else? hmmm. She's perfect! Now that she will be having a concert here in Manila on June 6, I'm so frustrated that I can't attend her concert because of two epic reasons! I'm not aware that it will be this June until I saw it on a commercial last April, and I don't have enough money lol! only if I have more time to save. sigh! Well, I'm sure that it won't be her last co

What to Wear to a Taylor Swift's Concert 2014

A quick outfit post from the Regatta x Saladbox Styling contest that I attended
 last Saturday at SM Mega Mall. Trend-spotting alert from head to toe. 
Wearing my superb sunglasses and scene-stealer flats saves the day! 
What do you think? ;)


I truly love music since I'm still a kiddo. I love singing, I'm one of the Annebisyosa clan in the Philippines who loves to sing even though we don't have the quality of voice that would please everybody. lol So before I share what kind of music do I listen recently, I want to introduce to you guys my new baby, 
headphones from Urban Ears.

Certified Music Lover with Urban Ears

Hey guys! If you've been following me on Instagram @itsmariahazel, you probably saw my post about me going to SM Mega Mall to join the styling contest with Regatta in collaboration with Salad Box. At first, I'm not sure if I could come because I have work every Saturday, but with the encouraging words from my friends, I decided to join in. This is my first time ever, to finally join contests like this because I'm not really into such events, meet new people especially to my fellow bloggers that I'm just following and just saw them through their blogs. So it's a new thing for me, such an amazing experience. What makes me want to go to this event is because it's Regatta

Styling Event with Regatta x SaladBox

Regatta has opened its newest store at SM Megamall last April 29th.

Regatta is an iconic Filipino clothing brand known for its classic, casual and outdoor style.

The brand has grown to 29 stores nationwide and 2 concessions in key cities. It has developed its brand character as a casual leisure wear that portrays the atmosphere from sea & coast to town & country- thus elements such as rowing oars, life savers, wood planks, boat modules and a fireplace with a deer head, ornate the entire store.

Visit Regatta's newest branch at 3rd Level, Bldg A of SM Megamall to shop for outfits perfect this summer!

Sail Away with Regatta

Hello Philippines! Hello World. And hello May, time flies so fast! It's the month of colorful and cheerful feast on every streets in the Philippines especially Flores de Mayo. This is the last month for you guys to fully enjoy the heat of the sun because June is the start of rainy month. And students will come back to school ( I'm so sorry guys, lol ) So this is a very backlog post! Seriously?! This is what I wore last week to our Manila Ocean Park tour. It was my first time to get there and it's so fun to lurk around seeing underwater creatures! I've seen different kinds of fishes, jellyfish, sea lions, birds and more! My favorite experience is when we went to a Antarctic inspired room with fake snow and wooh, I just can't take how cold it was. The thick jacket was not enough to warm my body. Well at t least, I've experienced how cold the temperature it would be in snowy countries which I really want to try. Soon :)

Into the Ocean


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