Into the Ocean

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hello Philippines! Hello World. And hello May, time flies so fast! It's the month of colorful and cheerful feast on every streets in the Philippines especially Flores de Mayo. This is the last month for you guys to fully enjoy the heat of the sun because June is the start of rainy month. And students will come back to school ( I'm so sorry guys, lol ) So this is a very backlog post! Seriously?! This is what I wore last week to our Manila Ocean Park tour. It was my first time to get there and it's so fun to lurk around seeing underwater creatures! I've seen different kinds of fishes, jellyfish, sea lions, birds and more! My favorite experience is when we went to a Antarctic inspired room with fake snow and wooh, I just can't take how cold it was. The thick jacket was not enough to warm my body. Well at t least, I've experienced how cold the temperature it would be in snowy countries which I really want to try. Soon :)

Switch to my outfit, I'm wearing an off shoulder top that I got from Zalora, which I think the most stylish thing I've ever wore on a sunny day. Usually I only wear simple tops with spaghetti straps. I've seen that off shoulders is a like a trend right now so I've give it a try. Hope you like it! :)

What I wore?

Top: ( Zalora ) / Lace Shorts: ( Romwe )
Necklace and Bracelet: ( Rings & Tings ) / Watch: ( Casio )
Gladiator Shoes: ( Parisian ) / Tote Bag: ( Mango

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