Styling Event with Regatta x SaladBox

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey guys! If you've been following me on Instagram @itsmariahazel, you probably saw my post about me going to SM Mega Mall to join the styling contest with Regatta in collaboration with Salad Box. At first, I'm not sure if I could come because I have work every Saturday, but with the encouraging words from my friends, I decided to join in. This is my first time ever, to finally join contests like this because I'm not really into such events, meet new people especially to my fellow bloggers that I'm just following and just saw them through their blogs. So it's a new thing for me, such an amazing experience. What makes me want to go to this event is because it's Regatta

What is Regatta? It's a Filipino clothing brand founded in 1989. I never thought that it's a Filipino brand because every time I visit their shop, all I can see is beach style perfection clothes with world-class quality. No sugar coating here, seriously it's the truth. Their collections are mostly shirts with soothing colors of various prints, comfy and carefree style of dresses, fashionable bags that are perfect for beach hopping, and don't miss out the lovely prints of bikinis that totally screams summer! 

Check out these photos of their collections, all fresh from newly open Regatta at SM Mega Mall along with the styling action with my partner, fellow blogger Ms. Kat of and our model Shasha

( My face tho. *face palm haha * )

And the styling begins! We only have 30 minutes to style our model and the items should be below 1,000 pesos in total. Very impossible right? I actually have checked their collections before the event starts, so I already have an idea what to choose, mix and match to style, but I didn't thought of looking at the price of each items, so doom, I don't know what to do. But thanks to my partner, Kat, she's so brilliant about making a men's polo turned into a dress. I've already watched that video on youtube but I don't know how to do it. With Kat doing her job on how to make it into dress, I added some ideas on how to make it look better. On the last 10 minutes, Regatta crew decided to add 1,000 pesos total in items, I wanted to go grab a shorts and tank top but we don't have enough time so we decided to get a tote bag. And tadaaaa! we made it! A creative finish with Kat's idea. I totally love the look of Shasha, very fashionable, very creative and totally chic. Great experience with Kat. :)

I totally enjoyed the experience though I didn't got the chance to talk to other bloggers because I'm in a hurry too, maybe next time? And congratulations to the winners, Carizza Chua and Michael Macalos who styled their models with carefree and comfortable style in which the Regatta Crew wants to see. 

Thank you Salad Box and Regatta for hosting this awesome event. Til next time! :)

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