What to Wear to a Taylor Swift's Concert 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I love the way she sings, the songs that she composed, her curls, her straight hair, her red lips, her pale lips, and how she dress up! I absolutely love everything about her! I'm obsessed with all her songs (even though sometimes, I can't relate with it haha ), I love the tunes, the genre, the lyrics and what else? hmmm. She's perfect! Now that she will be having a concert here in Manila on June 6, I'm so frustrated that I can't attend her concert because of two epic reasons! I'm not aware that it will be this June until I saw it on a commercial last April, and I don't have enough money lol! only if I have more time to save. sigh! Well, I'm sure that it won't be her last co
ncert here so I promise to see you on your next concert here in Manila soon Swifty.

So for girls out there who will attending on June 6, here are some comfy style guide that you probably want to wear on that fabulous event or you could even wear like everyday! 

Here's Taylor Swift's outfit inspiration but take a look of my own style that I combined on the photo below.
I added a little twist by adding some modern pieces.

Of course, everybody love this Taylor's outfit. Throwback with one of the adorable and stylish outfit of TS!
Get this look by clicking the links below

To achieve this look, you may check out the links below to see the items that I have mix and match! :)

I hope you like Swifties! Love, Maria Hazel

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