Would you believe that after this kinda-summer-like-sunny-weather Sunday morning when me and my sister decided to make a quick outfit shots, a typhoon

Before That Rain

I am not one of the girls that are blessed with bright, fair and flawless skin that's why I have to maintain taking care of it especially to my face by taking lots of beauty products. I've discovered that papaya soap are really effective when it comes to whitening your skin tone after I tried using it when I was in second year college.

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Going back to indoor shots because I don't have time to do some streetstyle photos. Seriously, work have been constantly eating all my time, I only have one rest day per week so  bear with me guys if I can only share my outfit through indoor shots. But I'm kinda missing my photos with this cloudy and calm vibe edits. 

I just noticed that my hair grew so fast, I think it's been half a year since I got a perm and look at that, my hair is still wavy with soft curls at the end. Re-colored my hair too, I think, two months ago? And black hair started to pop again, 3 inches longer after two months! It's so hard to maintain! The hair stylist advised me that I can't go on a rebond? or I shouldn't color my hair after getting a perm because that would damaged my chemically treated hair (now that's so geeky, lol ). Now my hair is sooo dry and I'm kinda bored with my hair color too, my hair color right now is ash brown. Any suggestions? :)

Anyways, my dress is so lovely and very nature loving. I so love the prints. Very elegant and stylish. Perfect for semi-formal occasions, job interviews, and such events. You don't need any blings anymore to style this outfit, just wear an elegant watch, cute bag and preppy sandals and you're done! 

What I wore?

Dress: c/o 6ks.com
Bag: Chicwish / Shoes: Lovelywholesale / Watch: Casio

Nature Loving


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