Before That Rain

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Would you believe that after this kinda-summer-like-sunny-weather Sunday morning when me and my sister decided to make a quick outfit shots, a typhoon
( named Glenda ) suddenly came and cut all the trees on our area? It was Tuesday night when I was supposed to publish these photos here on my blog when I left my laptop open and I fell asleep. The photos are already uploaded and I just have to type some fancy things or whatsoever that my mind would think that night and suddenly, boom, the electricity shuts down! Yeah. It took them almost a week to recover the electricity posts that the typhoon brought down. Wednesday, 2:30in the morning when I heard some noise outside, I bet it was our roof and I was right. I was so nervous, I couldn't get back to sleep until 6:00 am. I didn't go to work that day because the tress are all down the streets. To cut my story short, I am just very thankful that it is not that strong, well, it is a strong and windy typhoon but not the same as to typhoon Yolanda ( international name Haiyan ). Let us all be safe and pray.

Phew, so that was a quite unrelated story if you will based it on the photos appeared in this post. I look different on some photos because I currently have braces. I hope you like how I style this maxi daisy skirt as much as I do. Thank goodness, I got my hat on such a right timing for this day. 
Enjoy and hoping this would give you inspiration for your next #ootd.

As always,
Love, Maria Hazel

( I ain't good painter. But white is love. :P )

Lace Top & Maxi Daisy Skirt: c/o 
Bag: Debenhams
Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Bracelets: Urban Vogue MNL
Necklace: Romwe
Hat: Anwco

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