Before the "ber" month starts, let me post these clean sheets of photos on my blog that my sister took last last week, not sure but I posted some of these on my Instagram and featured on @pilipinasootd. I am so "kilig" when I saw the Philippine's version of Lookbook IG account reposted my photo. Hihi. Well, I always feel that amazing feeling whenever my photos got featured on sites or magazines. :) That motivates me to put extra effort on blogging even just for a while. 

Clean & Chic


Hi everyone! Finally writing something on my blog again since when? oh! my little poor blog seems neglected for ages. I've been such a lazy person these past few days, weeks, months? I don't want it to last for a year. Haha! So how's everyone in here? I'm happy that you still visit my blog though I'm MIA. Quite very active on Instagram tho. Sigh. But here's a new thing! Have you tried Polyvore? Yes, I know that site for quite some time but I never tried it, so I did a little experimenting and I find Polyvore easy and convenient to use, and your creativity for styling will definitely shake your mind to satisfy yourself. It's great for product reviews and compiling especially if you don't know how to use Photoshop just like me. For fashion enthusiast, build up your styling expertise making your sets during your free time. I grab the chance to make three sets featuring items from Enjoy the sets I personally made! You may follow me too, @heycell on Polyvore. :) Thank you! Please keep in touch me too on my IG @itsmariahazel 

Boho Chic

Hope you like these sets! :) Until my next Polyvore sets, I might post different mood boards, inspo and etc. Have a nice day ahead lovelies. Do not forget to check all the links I provided if you want to see the items on shop!

Love always, Maria Hazel

LovelyShoes X Polyvore

Oh hello there, it's been a while since the last time I posted on my blog. Such a busy and tiring month end for me last July and quite continuing to stress me out until today. I just hope to have more time on blogging, answering e-mails, but I'm quite active on Instagram. I just realized that it was more easy to view all your favorite people in the world through Instagram using only my phone. Well, I can still visit their blogs too through phone but Instagram is much more updated. But viewing their photos through my laptop is way prettier because I can see them in wide size, high-res and in different angles. 

My Version of White


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