Clean & Chic

Friday, August 29, 2014

Before the "ber" month starts, let me post these clean sheets of photos on my blog that my sister took last last week, not sure but I posted some of these on my Instagram and featured on @pilipinasootd. I am so "kilig" when I saw the Philippine's version of Lookbook IG account reposted my photo. Hihi. Well, I always feel that amazing feeling whenever my photos got featured on sites or magazines. :) That motivates me to put extra effort on blogging even just for a while. 

Anyways, channeling my inner minimalist love on these blog post. I can be easily influenced by other people so I switch my style from time to time and it was great that I've come up to this idea. The American Apparel inspired cities bag gave me an idea to try this look. Besides, boyfriend jeans is a big part to make this look laid back style with a twist of chic elegancy of my gold heels. Do this qualify to #CosmoStyle Las Vegas look? I love that there's so many fashionable people in LA. Enjoy! :)

Special thanks to: for my pretty bf jeans.

Love always, Maria Hazel