Sunday, September 14, 2014

This is my first time posting an entry with my sister! She's my photographer since day 1 of my blogging adventure, so I think I would feel awkward and shy if I will be shooting with strangers because you know, you can't demand like "I don't like this angle, take a picture again!", "No! not this one, I told you blah blah". Haha I don't know if I'm the only one like that? You see, we don't have any knowledge in photography, I just bought my dslr for clearer photos but we don't really know the techniques, we just have to browse on famous fashion blogs and try it ourselves. I guess we're improving huh? I started on Tumblr where I first saw a blog filled with pastel photos, and that's the start of the whole blogging thing. Moving on, I tried convincing my sister to start a blog too but she's too lazy to maintain a blog, and she's too busy with her wattpad. Duh? Teenagers are so addicted into it, they don't even read their academic books nowadays, am I right sistah? Haha.

Special thanks to for our dress! :)

Introducing my sister, Maria Kryselle. She's only 14.

Love always, 
Maria Hazel

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