Sunflower Madness + Red Ombre Hair

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just before I posted this outfit here on my blog, I already shared it via my instagram. What a lazy blogger. Just before I flew away to Palawan last month, I already have these pictures on my laptop, ready to upload, post and all. Having a phone with internet ready all the time is the major cause of my lazy blogging. 

Anyways, can you spot the black part of my hair popping out? Yeah, seriously need to dye my hair again and pour all the nutrients that it totally need right now! I haven't tried to rebond my hair but it was digitally permed last year! It's been a year and I love the soft curls that still remains even though I started combing it everyday. I just tried maintaining putting mousse on my hair to keep the curls for I guess two months? And now that I successful have my hair super long, I want to try getting it ombre colored that I've been dreaming of since college. But my hair sucks big time for having too much split ends and dryness. I tried a color hair spray in pink but it turned out purplish red. Hmmm. What do you think? Should I choose other color combination for a permanent one?
Anyways, hope you like this outfit combination of sunflower printed clothes!:)

Love always, 
Maria Hazel

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