I'm trying to catch up on blogging and at least insert "blogging" on my very busy schedule. I seriously need a planner for 2015! Woah, time flies so fast. Hope you did something great for yourself this year, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Chill out guyssss, I'm sure it's not that bad to spend a little from your hard work salaries. 

Let's Live It Up

Warning: I will surely posting tons of photos on this blog entry 
because I seriously love the whole look of this outfit!

My Kind of Fall Winter Edition

I'm kind of stress right now from work and all personal-related stuff. So I guess this is the perfect timing to reminisce my first ever vacation travel island hopping in the beautiful place of El Nido. This is the perfect place if you're looking for a white sand beach and silent escapade. It is known as the last frontier of the Philippines and acknowledge as one the top beach bums in the world by CNN. This place is really sooooo beautiful, the sea water is so clear, the white sand is sooo fine, the landscape is truly breathtaking and pure. The people who live there preserved the beauty of nature so well, they made the place better in a very nice way.

Island Hopping - El Nido, Palawan Tour Day 1

Hey, I just revamped my blog! Changed the theme, icons and re-arrange links, etc. Hoping you like it though I am not yet done tweaking it more! It's the first time I managed to edit the html codes for blogspot, because if you've been following me for quite some time, you knew that I was a mad theme tweaker back then on Tumblr (well, I absolutely enjoy making designs out of html back then). What do you think of my new blog layout? I really love it! Especially the icons used for the header and sidebars are made with love by yours truly (now that's so ewww! haha! ). So how about getting back on active posting of outfits and reviews? I'm not sure if I can, but my inner passion for playing dress up is on a high these past few days. I have my notebook on the side of my bed so I could take down notes and ideas for my blog. I miss bbb-logg-ingg! ( insert hysterical screaming emoticon here. lol. ).

Look Back

Finally got a low back top after drooling for months looking on Instagram shops.

Sexy Back


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