Let's Live It Up

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

 I'm trying to catch up on blogging and at least insert "blogging" on my very busy schedule. I seriously need a planner for 2015! Woah, time flies so fast. Hope you did something great for yourself this year, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Chill out guyssss, I'm sure it's not that bad to spend a little from your hard work salaries. 

Anyways, my sister took great portrait photos of mine on this outfit post. Hope you like how I put together a green long sleeves top along with the accessories and shoes. I've been eyeing this top at Mossimo for weeks and grab the chance to purchase at 30% off during their sale. :) It's so rare for me to wear color green but this once is an exemption. For idk reason, I find it pretty!

Hope you like it! ciao.

Love always.
Maria Hazel

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