Today’s generation of modern femme are always on the go. We no longer considered ourselves as inferior to men unlike the old version mindset of the ancient society. And as a part of the growing brave women moving in this busy world, I’m sharing the must-haves that every girl should load on their tote bags.

What’s in my bag? The Must Haves

Warning: This post has been sleeping on my drafts for almost 2 freaking years!

Digiperm by Park Jun's X L'oreal Review

I noticed that 90's style outfit is getting back on track. Style is just a cycle. We will all change. By the way we dress. According to our age? or perhaps following the trend? or doing it your own stylish way!

90's kid

What’s the purpose of your lovely LBD if your face isn’t photo-ready?

Party Look Make Up

So before I would share to you on how did I lose weight, let me just remind you that I am naturally petite (when I was young and before I became fat). I can’t explain further if it really affects the weight reduction because I am no pro regarding this topic, either I did not hire a professional trainer to help me on this. I cannot guarantee you that what will I share to you will be 100% effective. Why did I say so? Because I weighed 48kgs before I went back to 40kgs. If you’re above 50kgs, the time span that you need to dedicate in order to achieve the body that you want may take longer and double the effort. Patience is a virtue, you need loads of patience set on your mind and sincere dedication in your heart.

How to lose weight and go back in shape


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