Digiperm by Park Jun's X L'oreal Review

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Warning: This post has been sleeping on my drafts for almost 2 freaking years!

If you've been my loyal follower for the past two years, you've probably seen my hair transformation. From naturally straight hair to wavy curly hair. Forgive me for being outrageously sluggish. But being lazy is a serious issue to myself. However, here you go! Since I am planning to have a new hair transformation before the year 2015 ends, I am finally giving this post a freedom from my drafts.

This opportunity was sponsored by Loreal but let me give you an honest review about 
Park Jun's Salon.

Since I never tried rebond or any kind of treatment back then, I would consider this experience my very first one. I never thought that hair treatment especially digiperm was a snail-paced beauty sacrifice for a hair transformation. The treatment lasted for ridiculously 4 hours! Seriously, it was my fault too because I didn't asked my friends or research about this treatment. I just wanted a digiperm, that's all.

The staff was very accommodating, they gave us a cup of iced tea while waiting for our turn. Park Jun is a Korean salon so expect that you'll be waiting with mostly Korean folks which I found cute and entertaining since I watch lots of Korean series. Moving forward, to keep this post short, they washed my hair up to four (4) times as I remembered. They explained the details on what are they going to do to your hair and the process that you will undergo. 

They will let you choose what kind of curl do you want, they have a style book to guide and let you choose what kind of curls you like. Either big curls, loose curls, super curly hair or whatsoever.

See photos below:

After every treatment, they will wash your hair and that helps me not to completely doze off.
The hairdresser suggested to shorten my hair because she said it was dry and there were too much split ends. Even though I don't want them to cut it, I just trusted what they said and let them do what they think is right.

I was very impress with their tools and equipment. They're very up-to-date when it comes to salon needs that will definitely give you a hassle-free service! And based on my experience, it was indeed a smooth and relaxing service. Even though I complained that it took me up to 4 hours, my friends told me that it's the normal service hours in every salon. At least, you got what you had paid for.

And tadaaaa! we're done after they put those curling tools on my hair and blow-dried. Ms. Katie, the Korean hairdresser, told me that now that I have digiperm, I should always apply a mousse to give volume to my hair (and yes, it works) and I should not comb my hair that much with thin comb. She said to comb it using my fingers only if I want the curls to last longer (yet again, it works).

And here's the result! These photos was taken right after the treatment and if you wished to know what it look like after the succeeding months, just go over my archive and see my photos from December 2013 onwards. The curls lasted up to one year based from my experience though they told me it will only last for six months.

Personally, I will definitely come back to this salon if I want a curly hair again. They provide other types of hair services too. I recommend this salon to all beauty junks out there. You have to prepare your budget because it is quite pricey yet with quality service.

So I hope you find this post informative even though this is truly a certified backlogged post.

Til my next hair adventure!

Love always,
Maria Hazel

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