What’s in my bag? The Must Haves

Monday, August 31, 2015

Today’s generation of modern femme are always on the go. We no longer considered ourselves as inferior to men unlike the old version mindset of the ancient society. And as a part of the growing brave women moving in this busy world, I’m sharing the must-haves that every girl should load on their tote bags.

I am a ‘Girl Scout’ type of girl, I always use a medium sized bag for my everyday gear. Even on party events that you used to bring your small clutches and purse, you still need to bring along your ordinary tote bag for back-up purposes. Just leave it on your car or hide it under the table if you’re using only a cab for your ride. 

Before I could go beyond the subject of this blog post, here’s some photos for you to visualize what’s in my bag.

Basic Gadgets. Talk about techiness, with all the gadgets invented in the world, the most basic and considered a necessity to our lives is the so called mobile phone. Better invest on mobile phones with better camera for a picture-perfect selfies, add your own music library, and internet ready.

Make-up Junks. Every girl needs their beauty help to make us look prettier and boost our confidence. But you can’t take all your make-ups, just take those for retouch purposes like press powder, lip and cheek tint and a dark matte lipstick just in case you feel like it. I put them all inside a little purse so it’ll be easier for me to get them. I suggest you organize the things you put in your bag so they’ll not juggle up.

Girl Calling. This is a very personal thing that you should never forget. Since I am not in a regular thing of you know, the period thingy, I don’t have a date on the calendar that I can monitor so I can’t prepare myself. Wallet tissues, napkin and an extra underwear that I usually roll and tucked in are my emergency kit and saves the day. Seriously, it’s hard to be an irregular when it comes to this case.

Hygienic And Other Needs. With the kind of weather that we have in the Philippines, I am not ashamed to admit that I generously pour baby powder on my back every now and then because it makes me feel cooler. Hand sanitizer or alcohol makes me feel clean and body spray to jam pack the clean vibe. The other things that I always bring are my umbrella, handkerchief or a little towel, and a comb with a pony tail just in case I can’t take the heat anymore. I did not include some of the little things that I usually put inside my make-up kit on the set of photos like my cold vaporizing ointment, liniment oil, band aids, medicine and a foldable fan.

That’s all! I hope it helps you re-organize your bag and leave those unnecessary junks on your room. Don’t make your bag look so full and heavy as if you brought your entire house. Just kidding though, but seriously it’s not really nice to look at. Remember, they way you organize your things reflects your personality.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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