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Saturday, October 31, 2015

What is it like to have a bitch face?

So it's almost midnight and I am still awake but my eyes are sleepy. I just finished editing photos for this blogpost. Phew. I tried to blog at least one post per week but I just can't. Not because I can't, I can't, but the lack of inspiration and motivation still blocking my head to come up with something creative. I've been through a lot. The flow of abrupt problems that I've encountered this year was quite grievous.But my heart was brave and numb enough to make everything under my control. It does helped me became a full-blown person. Almost. I'm not really vocal of my feelings this year because of some shameful reasons that I should really keep in private.There were few break-outs. Yes of course. Behind my bitch face is a fragile heart. Unlike what my strong personality shows, I am sensitive, I am delicate, I also break. Most people tend to misunderstand my actions. And here are some examples:

Walking through hallways, sidewalks, wherever, with my chin up. Chin. Up. And Up. I don't know how "up" is it for them to made them think I'm a strong braggart. I am small, what do you want me to do? Walk and turn down my face on the floor? Nahh, I might just hit someone. It's just the way I walk dude. Please consider it my signature walk. Lol. 

Bluff, brusque, blunt, whatever you call it. It's just the way I talk.  I am not really like that bitchy type of person when I was young but you see I've been through high school crisis. I have to fight back, compete and let them taste the dose of their own medicine. Then I develop the way I talk right now. They find me intimidating. And I don't really mean to be like that. Not sure if I should be thankful for that, because being an intimidating person gives you an extra advantage sometimes. But honestly guys, I don't really mean to offend somebody.

Shoot to kill bitchy eyes. My professor once told me that I got these suspicious eyes. Now imagine yourself doing the "I doubt" thingy eyes. "Killer eyes", "Sama mo makatingin ah", "Are you gonna eat me with that kind of look".Yup, I got them all the time and it sucks. It sucks big time. Like "whutttt did i do ?", "Ako na naman? ".

Those examples are just a few mishaps of having the bitch face even if I don't really mean to. It's up to you though if you still see me as the scary and intimidating girl. But I'm the most hilarious crazy friend that you'll ever know if you will just try to hang out with me. Most hilarious. Yeah, the most hilarious person and you'll never regret of having me as your friend. Hahaha.

That's all. And hope you like my outfit in here and my pa-fierce kyeme look. Lol.

Knit Top: Stradivarius | Ripped Black Pants: SM Store
Tote bag | American Apparel | Shades: Sunnies Studios | Shoes: Nike

Photo Credits: My Boyfriend, Jeffrey

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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