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Friday, November 6, 2015

#AlDubEBTamangPanahon - the most trending hashtag in Twitter beating the Fiba World Cup gained 41M tweets on their Tamang Panahon charity concert. It was held in the world's largest indoor arena with no vacant seat that can be seen. Imagine 55,000 people gathering just for one event that was not even considered planned at all? It was like announced 1 week before the said event and it was sold out. Yup, sold out! Yes, I knew the tickets were really cheap but still hello? Sold out? Awesomeness!

So before I could babble more about the Aldub fever because yahhh, I'm an Aldub Fan, I made this make-up transformation video. Making videos is one of my favorite past time. I mean, I always love putting make-up on my face when i get bored but then I thought why not record how I apply them? Instead of taking photos, I tried my first make-up transformation video and so far I gained pretty good number of views on my Facebook. The link is in here, just in case you wanna to see it.

The second video was the Ariana Grande, that I considered a hit since I gained almost 3,000 views. That was actually huge for like just me. And here is a link again just in case you're curious about it. 

And the third one, the Yaya Dub look on the Tamang Panahon concert. Since it was November 1, and the rain can't stop pouring, I can't do my laundry schedule. I got bored and so I thought its fun doing Maleficent make-up. But I failed, accidentally, it turned out Yaya Dub. My friends once told me that I have a little resemblance with Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. Di porket malaki bunganga ko kahawig ko na si Maine? Lol. Dame ko namang kamukha! 

Yaya Dub Tamang Panahon Look Inspo. Non-pro Make-Up Transformation.
Posted by Maria Hazel Vina Vinluan on Sunday, 1 November 2015

I asked my boyfriend if I look like Yaya Dub on the video and he said there's a little similarity so I decided to push it through and uploaded on my facebook. So far, I'm gaining positive comments. And I love it. Because I made it just for fun and I like what I'm doing on that video.

Some people would always have a negative comment on people putting make-up. "Can't live without make-up?" Hell no, I can definitely live without make-up! I can stay make-up free clinging with my boyfriend. And still, he always tell me that I'm pretty. With or without make-up. I just wanted to look pleasant in front of different people. I have no thick eyebrows, so I always, everyday, draw my brows on fleek. To enhance, to cover up what I don't have. It does give me confidence. That might be quite intimidating sometimes.

Hmm, there's no harm for a little touch of make up. If that makes you look prettier and feel better, go for it. Let them envy your gorgeous masterpiece.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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