Daniel Wellington: Introducing the Grace London

Monday, January 4, 2016

After two years, I finally have a new watch review. I remember, it was on my early blogging adventure. Not really a fan of watch. I am not a collector. I do not know how to admire them. Until I got an opportunity to own a Daniel Wellington. I am one of those fortunate people to got first dibs of DW watches. Just before this classy preppy looking accessory hits millions of admirers worldwide, I've worn different DW watches a multiple times on my outfit posts and even on the daily normal routine. Yet, I still admire it -- a lot. On this post, I am going to tell you why I love Daniel Wellington and also to introduce you one of their new collections, the Grace London.

Daniel Wellington is known for its signature look -- thin, clean, and elegant. That would look great on every outfit. No need to worry too much about your outfit's patterns, design and color. DW looks great on everything. Besides, their Nato straps  are interchangeable. You can choose from their straps collections if you like some color-blocking or need other hue to match your outfit. Since I've seen how they develop and hit the worldwide market like a bang, let's review the changes that I've noticed:
  • Design
The design is still the same. Round-shaped but with different number designs. The usual design is an ordinary line, followed with those exclusive Swarovski crystals, and finally added a pop of Roman numbers on their new collection, the Grace series.
  • Packaging
I'm talking about the box. If you've seen my previous DW post here, the box is glossy. You just have to slide it to open the container. And just a couple of months, I've received another DWs, and the packaging becomes prettier. I've inserted some photos (credits to owners) so you can visualize what I mean. The newest box packaging is the one you see on the photo at the top of this post.

  • Nato Straps
Finally, they offer a lot more designs and colors! 
  • Items
They have more selective items in store. Unlike before, I think they only have 10 items? But now, you may choose from over 20 items. Hoard it all you want! ;)
  • Delivery
OH MY GAWD! Still the same. Fastest delivery ever! Yesss, I mean fastest because they're courier is UPS. So that means you can track your order from time to time. The details will be on the tracking reference, they will update it if they're shipped and where country is your purchase at the moment. It's basically free shipping. What all can you ask for? It will just take 2-3 business days. So cool right?

So here are some other product details I got from their website.

The silver watch is made of stainless steel of the quality (316L).
The rose gold watch has a stainless steel core (316L) and two platings on top of this.
The base coating is 0.8 Micron TiCN (a yellow colored base metal) and the top coating is made of 0.1 Micron rose gold (made of 80% 23 carat gold and 20% copper to create the rose color).
The plating is fixed using an evacuated chamber and there are no liquids involved.

The glass of the watch is made of hardened mineral glass. It is resistant against normal wear and tear but should be used with care.

The expected life length of the battery is 2 to 4 years depending on outer conditions such as heat/cold.
The battery is a silver oxide cell battery (standard button cell).

Leather wristband
The leather wristbands are made of Italian calf leather and are treated with vegetable oil.

3 ATM 
Our watches are classified as water resistant 3ATM. That means they are suitable for everyday use and are splash/rain resistant but should avoid direct contact with water.

I inserted those infos since I'd like to add that I thought DW watches are scratch-resistant. Since my 2-years old St. Andrews ( I think they replaced the name by St. Mawes ) doesn't have any scratch at all until now. But I swear it was already hit by hard materials. It was stated that "the glass is resistant against normal wear and tear but should be used with care". Yep, it is resistant and I treat my watch with extra care so that explains why it don't have any scratch or little damages.

Hope you like the set of photos I took of my Daniel Wellington : Grace London.

Happy New Year! The best for new beginnings is now. Enjoy your new watch with 15% Discount using my code: "SHOPPAHOLIC" when you shop at www.DanielWellington.com valid until January 15, 2016 only so hurry up!


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