It was literally cold when we took these photos. Can you spot the droplets?

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Baguio #Ootd Day 1

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the day where everybody go crazy to do silly and romantic things to express their love. I swear I am not that really good at words to say how much I appreciate what my boyfriend did for this special day, but I will try my best! 

Happy Hearts Day!

It is such a beautiful surprise coming home to a lovely pink package from

My #AltheaPh Online Shopping Experience + The Official Website Launch!

So, just so you know, 3-in-1 isn't just about your usual kind of coffee, it can be also be used in a complicated relationship, lol just kidding, but for my make-up video.

3-in-1 Make-Up Video

Kylie Jenner is like the total goal for every full lips obsession. She is the current generation's 'Angelina Jolie', but the artificial one. We all know that Kylie's lips are fake, a state of the art scientifically molded by injections. Now, that was quite a sarcasm I know but hey! don't you dare underestimate her lips because she have her own line of lipsticks. The #LipKitbyKylie which was sold out for about 30 seconds from the time it was launched. Talk about influence, yeah I know Kylie, you go gurrll!

So just in case you're also a K-fan, or you just want to go follow the lip-color trend, here's an alternative! 

Sleek MakeUp Matte Me in Birthday Suit Review


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