Baby, It's Cold Outside

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Baguio #Ootd Day 1

I spent my birthday and the rest of the weekend at Baguio, Philippines last week. It was my first time to travel to a place with cold weather. My previous tours are all the same, beach, sun and coconut trees. This time I've finally gave justice to all my knits and thick sweaters. Aside from Tagaytay which I also consider cold, but not as cold as Baguio. I've really enjoyed the parks, fogs, pine trees, the cold winds damping our faces and seeing people that were all bundled up with scarfs and jackets. 

This trip isn't really that well-planned unlike the previous ones. We made it a do-it-yourself-er tour! Sort of backpacker? Not really. I will share to you our personal itinerary on my next post! In the meantime, here's what I wore while travelling to Baguio. It was really cool seeing those fogs. 

Knitted Cardigan: Forever21 / Top: No Label
Pants: Crissa / Shoes: Nike 


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  2. Nice shirt and shoes :)
    Maria V.