Happy Hearts Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the day where everybody go crazy to do silly and romantic things to express their love. I swear I am not that really good at words to say how much I appreciate what my boyfriend did for this special day, but I will try my best! 

We've been together for more than two years, but he hadn't gave me a flower yet until yesterday night. I am not really fond of flowers but I'd like to receive it from him! It's so pabebe naman if  I won't admit that I want to receive those things, right? Every girl wants those flowers and chocolates on a heart's day. It's not really necessary though, but it's the thought that counts. Also, those flowery things is like a norm. Expect it. It's totally normal.

We are very comfortable to each other, we could even catch our farts and suffocate each other by the disgusting smell. Lol. I know that's too 'ewwwww' but it's how our relationship works. Best friends and lovers at the same time. 

Since I really want to receive flowers this v-day so bad, I even asked him directly to give me flowers! I teased him that there's a flower shop across the street and he should buy me those freaking thing. Haha. That's so lame of me. He's really mad for telling him those things, told me not request it and lead him about such ideas. So I didn't expect anymore. 

But as I got home from work, and on pabebe mode, he talked about not requesting a flower because I am ruining his plan. You know, the guy thing, strategy, etc. Then I said sorry and I won't do it again. The cry baby. Lol. Then he went outside our room and said he'll just get my flowers, and I was like. HAHAHAHA. Oh yes, I got a freakin' flower! A one long stem rose is totally fine with me but he gave me a bouquet + a heart-shaped cake. Can't help myself but exclaimed, "I feel so frete!" I even posted my "reaction video" on my facebook, click here to watch. :)

So that's it! I know it's very simple. But I am really happy this day. I feel so loved and special. It's not really how grand and bongga your effort will be for this love day, it's how you make an extra effort to express your love. ♥