Sleek MakeUp Matte Me in Birthday Suit Review

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kylie Jenner is like the total goal for every full lips obsession. She is the current generation's 'Angelina Jolie', but the artificial one. We all know that Kylie's lips are fake, a state of the art scientifically molded by injections. Now, that was quite a sarcasm I know but hey! don't you dare underestimate her lips because she have her own line of lipsticks. The #LipKitbyKylie which was sold out for about 30 seconds from the time it was launched. Talk about influence, yeah I know Kylie, you go gurrll!

So just in case you're also a K-fan, or you just want to go follow the lip-color trend, here's an alternative! 

I was scrolling on my Instagram when I saw this advert of Sleek MakeUp claiming that they have the ultimate Kylie Jenner LipKit dupe. I checked their Instagram page and I saw that Ana Victorino, my favorite filipino make-up Youtuber, also love it! And so the research begins! Since I am that kind of person who only shop the best (because I'm on a tight budget, haha) and if the level of 'want' can't be resist anymore, I do my research before buying a certain product. 

Sleek MakeUp just launched their cosmetic line here in the Philippines last December 2015 and the best selling product is their Matte Me liquid lipstick. At first, I hesitated if I should buy it since I am not really a fan of liquid lipstick. I find them uncomfortable to wear. Besides, glossy was a liquid lipsticks' trade mark back then which I never use to like. 

But this lip cream has a matte finish and according to my googling, it's really amazing. I can't argue anymore, I fell in love with this lip cream from the moment I first tried to apply them. I am really curious about this Birthday Suit shade because duh, a Kylie Jenner dupe? why not give it a try right? Like what I've said, this shade is the best seller so I waited for two freakin' weeks for them to restock! So here's the short review:

  • Birthday Suit Shade
They said this the ultimate Kylie Jenner Lip Kit dupe in Dolce K. You should Google and see the comparison and yes! They're alike, but not so sure since I haven't tried the Dolce. But yes, they are very close in color if you'll try to watch some videos on Youtube.
  • Reasonable Price
I got mine for Php 450! Hooray for not spending a thousand for a lippie! 

  • Matte
It has a matte finish. It is creamy when you add first, you'll wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds to dry up. 
  • Long lasting
Yep, long lasting! I already tried wearing it for the first time and I ate a spaghetti, and the result is quite impressive. They don't fade that fast. From my experience, it can lasts for 12 hours!

I really recommend Sleek MakeUp Matte Me to all my friends! So just in case you're wondering where you can buy it, here's the list. Since it's just new here in the Philippines, they only have a few store locations.
  • Landmark Trinoma
  • SM Makati
  • SM Mall of Asia 
  • Online through Zalora

So how's my make-up skills? Haha! Not bad huh?

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