/ˈsəkyələnt/ | adjective
       (of a plant, especially a xerophyte) having thick fleshy leaves or stems adapted to storing water.

Succulents Are My Kind of Roomie

Some Nadine Space Buns and Taylor Swift Madness

Dear 18-year old Maria Hazel,

You're on your second year college and everything is still on blur. Your head is still floating on bubble wraps and reveries like a girl on their early teenage years . You think no one would ever love you in a way you'll feel like - I don't know - love? beautiful? happy? You think of yourself as a simple girl that would stick to shirt and jeans. You lack confidence. You've been underestimated by everyone and you want to prove 'em wrong. Oh you little simple girl with budget-tight allowance, striving so hard to blend in, still wrapped with low self-esteem, and pitiful issues to your physical appearance. Negative baggage you kept on from your high school memories of childish bullying. You'll wonder why you became so shy when in fact you were jolly and competitive when you were carefree and young.

Dear 18-year old Maria Hazel

A Pop of Summer


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