5 Essential Tips for a Summer Getaway

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One of the best thing in the world that you should reward yourself every now and then aside from pampering your nails, getting your hair done, skin-vestments and the like is... to travel! And what I mean is sitting on a plain white beach staring at the salty bluish-green water.

Not really a fan of mountaineering or city tours. I'm not into too much walking. I prefer to relax! And since mr. sun is shining so bright, it shouldn't be a summer with hardly any swim time right? If you're planning to go for a some summer getaway to beat the heat, here's some tips for you.
  •  Plan your #OOTDS!
Y'all know how girls can put so many clothes on their luggage. Because duh, "extras?!!". But hey, you guys should know how to travel light! Choosing my clothes before flying away is my favorite time on preparing stuff to fit on our luggage. I prefer to mix and match in advance, choosing what pair should I wear for the first or second day. Even my airport outfit going back and forth. Woah, okay, I'm such a plan freak! Okayy, so here's my current summer wishlist:

April is coming up, I'm looking for a cute summer-ready swimswear at ZALORA! And some other stuff that you can either buy online or through their store outlets like Forever21, HM, Topshop except for ShopCopper (online only). I also love For Love and Lemons collections, but the bralettes are quite pricey for such a small piece of clothing. Ugh. If you've like to see 'em in bigger pictures, I've provided some links below:
  •  Sunblocks
Too much tan is not that cool. So I'm sharing to you the sunblock that really works! My blogger friend recommended this when I asked her what's the best sunblock in town. (Thanks Kaycee!) I used this Sunplay with SPF130, I love it so much!

  • Batteries, etc.
Not sure if I should remind you this. You know what I mean right? Power banks, full batteries, selfie sticks, camera and all. As for us, we always bring a laptop, so we could easily transfer our photos from the camera and for charging purposes as well.

  • Dry Bag
I don't really have a dry bag. I used plastic bags for last minute dip wet clothes. Bring some ecobags or extra tote bag for your pasalubong and souvenirs!
  • Map Guide of the Best
I am such a sucker for plans, I always love googling for the best things to do in the place that I'll be travelling to. Like where to eat, the best hotels, activities to try on and so on. You should also research about the fair pricing of the food and activities so you don't get fooled.

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Hope this post help you to prepare your stuff on your upcoming trip! Have fun!

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