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Thursday, April 7, 2016

(look, there's a halo! lol)

Posting another outfit post for this month.
Phew, I am slowly getting back on track! So many good things happening so far, I am looking forward for more. It's one of my goal this year, to blog again. This time, I will not just post away an entry just because I have to. Can't really explain more about that. The thing is, I am back!

I remember writing an article entitled as "My Thoughts while on Hiatus" on my drafts folder. I didn't post the entry though. As I read it, I felt the urge of posting more content, either personal, fashion, travel or any ideas that would pop up on my mind. One of the main reason why I don't have anything to blog last year is time. 
"So many things, so little time."
--and also I lose the drive. I tried my best to work things out and think of creative ways on how would I make my ideas turn into reality. By improving my time-management skills, and adding a little courage and determination, I will be posting more content. I will dedicate a time for blogging. Well, I'm not a full-time blogger, so hopefully. Amen. Lol.

Anyways, hello to my floral print skirt! I realized I haven't wearing floral prints lately. If you're a trend follower like me, you know why! Duh, back to the basics style, minimalist, monochromatic. Ugh. I miss you my floral printed clothes, you will be forever cute and dainty. My personal favorite! I remember that I got this skirt as a gift from my first company x-mas party which I personally handpicked while window-shopping at Forever21. I told my monita the exact code and size right away! :D

Speaking of time-management. Well, I want to go on the details of my outfit so I hope you don't mind if I keep on abusing my old classic watch. I know you've been seeing this watch over the past years on my outfit posts.  I adore the classic watches from Daniel Wellington. You can surely grab yourself this elegant timepiece at ZALORA. I know I've blog about it before but if you're living in the Philippines, these adorable timepiece is just a few clicks away through their website or app. I really love this watch because of its design, I swear there are so many watch company right now who makes the same round-shaped design and all. Also, it's really durable. The watch that I am wearing on this post is 2 yeas old already. Say what?

You may use this code and get a sitewide discount of 15% off - ZBAPQDXN 

I'm really in the mood for putting captions on my photos. Haha. I'm not pouting on these photos okay? I purposely draw an excess using my lip liners for fuller lips peg aka the Kylie Jenner lips. 

Wearing my wedges again from CLN. This is actually my second look for a style collaboration with them. Posting the third and last look soon! :) The first post can be viewed here.

(I know maluwag ng slight yung top ko. XD )

What I Wore?

Top: No Label / Skirt: Forever21 /
Wedge: CLN / Watch: Daniel Wellington 

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