Beachin' in Havaianas Floaty

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hooray for my floaty!
I really want to have one but they're really expensive that's why I'm just waiting for them to reduce their price for me to buy one. I think sellers are taking advantage that its summer season. I don't know, I think its really over-priced! Haha. But the swan and unicorn big floaties are so cute! I must have them on my next beach trip. Lol.

I got my flip-floaty as a freebies from Havaianas. This is only available on their All-Flip-Flop store in their Boracay branch. When I saw their post on Instagram about this, I asked my friends to buy a new slippers so I can avail the floaty. I have to purchase at least Php 2000 single receipt to get one. Since I am not really into slippers, I bombarded them to avail. Thanks to my friend, Jasmin and my boyfie, Jeff, for helping and supporting me on this. Huhu. You guys are so amazing! Haha! I'm just really happy because it's so big. The promo just ended last May 1. So even though I was still sleepy and tired from the ZoukOut party, I rushed over their store. I was lucky enough that there are still sizes available for them. 

We took pictures with this super cuteee and big slipper floaty after getting it! Even if it's at noon while the sun is on its peak of heat, I don't care! :p

I just borrowed my one-piece swimsuit since I don't really have the budget to buy new bikinis. So thanks to my ever supporting friend Yham for lending me this. Haha! The sunnies are from SM Accessories. Of course, flip flops from Havaianas. 

Thanks to my baby for taking pics of me! Hehe. Lavvvv you! He's getting better. ;)


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